Proof of funds for Express Entry

LoE changes from person to person so I don’t have a sample. Once you have deposited the liquid funds in a bank, mention in the LoE about the particular deposit. You can state what items were sold that provided you with these funds. If you have any receipts to prove it, you can add those too.


I got my Ita and I am submitting my documents now. My Pof is in the form of a gift deed which was given to me 2 weeks back.
I have made the bank letter, gift deed letter and affidavit ready.
Regarding the bank statement my joint account is new and is only 4 months old.
How to provide 6 months statement.
Should I provide my joint account statement 4 months and my other savings account (my salary account) 6 months statement?

  1. My bank gave me a letter for past 6 months balance but it is displayed in USD instead of CAD. Is that fine?

  2. My Financial letter displays only last 4 digits of the account. Is that fine?

Should I provide my joint account statement 4 months and my other savings account (my salary account) 6 months statement?

Yes, provide statements for both accounts. In the letter of explanation, mention that your joint account is new so only 4 month statement is available. Also mention about the gift deed in the LoE.

Yes. Create a consolidated proof of funds letter and mention the CAD equivalent of the USD amount based on the currency rate.


@mrandmrs I submitted my application with last 6 months statements and credit card statements ( I am new to this blog ) . I Did not gave any letter from BOFA ( I have account in BOFA ) . will it be a problem ? if I get the letter how can I submit it now since I already submitted the Documents .

CIC clearly asks for a letter from the bank so you should get one and raise a CSE to submit it. It is better to submit it proactively now else CIC might ask for it at a later stage and you will end up wasting your application processing time.

@mrandmrs Thanks for your reply . just to confirm is this the link where I can raise a cse and submit document?
Also do I need to give them the credit card statements for 6 months ?

Also is there any chance that because of this my application gets a rejection ?

Yes, that is the link.

Credit card statements are not mandatory.

I don’t know whether they will reject the application or just ask for the required documents.

I have a house in US, do I have show that along with Saving and Checking account and credit card balance? House loans are huge compared to saving. Band of America’s reference letter also doesn’t have full account number.

For proof, you must get official letters from any banks or financial institutions where you’re keeping money.

Letter(s) must

be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead
include their contact information (address, telephone number and email address)
include your name
list outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans
include, for each current bank and investment account, the
account numbers
date each account was opened
current balance of each account
average balance for the past 6 months

Hi everyone, I’ve seen many posts in forums that said for Fixed Deposits as PoF the certificate should show that the money can be liquidated at any time. I have two Fixed Deposits (3 months term) created since 2012, I can only withdraw the money obviously every 3 months when I decide whether renew it or not, I don’t know if I could get any problem with that? has anyone show Fixed term deposits as PoF and what does the bank letter show? thanks in advance

Proof of fund. My wife and I have joint accounts in Bank of america. We got reference letter for BoA too. I am planning to attach 6 month statements along with that. Do I need to specifically need any thing else to prove my wife has access to the accounts (which is shown in reference letter addressed to her)? She is the primary.

You can make sure that reference letter from BoA has your name as well as your wife’s name as account holder. Since its a joint account, no other proof should be needed.

Yes reference letter has my wife’s name. My wife is the primary.

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if I saw this question in the thread, in case its a repeat please post the link for a suitable answer to my query.
I read through the thread and it looks like 401K as a PoF would be acceptable with a safe side of other liquid assets. But what I was not able to find was how to get the 401k statement and in what form. Vanguard provides a monthly statement would that be sufficient but it would be missing key details like
Start Date
6 month average

Let me know if any one else came across this or has a workaround to work with Vanguard for such a request.

When we submitted our PoF, we just provided the latest statements for both our 401Ks. Our actual savings were enough for showing the proof of funds. The amount in 401K was just to show that we had more than enough buffer, if required.

The website clearly states that the funds that we show should not be borrowed from anyone…Does that include property or blood-relation family transfers with notarized letter stating that the funds are totally available for my sole use? Thank you for this detailed summary. This is very helpful man!
I have one small question on the balance aspect. If my father transfers a sum to my account in India, will it cause an issue at all? I am asking to get a sense of what is considered “borrowed”
I am also planning on getting a notarized letter stating that the transfer happened from my fathers account and available for my use.

If you have the notarized letter that should be sufficient. But if you do call it out as a sum being borrowed then that might not count towards the liquid funds that you have for settling.

Thank you
I have no intention of calling out “borrowed” in that letter. One of my friends told me a consultant asked him to have the funds in a fixed deposit rather than by funds transfer to a bank account.
I am just trying to figure out the safe option. Any comments from experienced folks here would be very helpful for me. Appreciate your time a lot!!!