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Hi All,

I am new to this community. I recently received my ITA in the latest draw that took place on 11 July 2018.

I have the below quires about proof of funds that needs to be shown. Would appreciate if someone could provide some guidance.

i) I am planning to show my FD which is more than 6 months old as POF. The thing is I am the secondary applicant and my wife is the main applicant. Can I show my FD for both of us. Do I need to give any kind of letter along stating that she can use the funds and I have no objection for this.

ii) The FD is joint. By that I mean that myself and my sisters name is mentioned on the FD. Should I obtain a NOC letter from my sister stating that she has no objection to me or my wife using the funds for immigration purposes and also submit a copy of her passport to prove that she has signed.

iii) Should I also submit my bank statement for 6 Months along with the FD. As the FD amount is easily covering more than the required amount that CIC requires for 2 applicants. Also will I need to get a letter from the bank stating that this FD can be en cashed anytime.

iv) The bank account is in my name only and not my wife’s name. So should I add her name to my account or it is not required.

iv) Lastly I would appreciate if you could share the format of the letter that I would need to prepare and submit to CIC. As this would really help me out and avoid me making mistakes.

Thanks a lot in advance.

HI Karan,

Do check the below link, you will find the answers for some of your questions.

Kapil Chandra

Dear Kapil

I did read through this. But it did not give all the answers to the questions that I have raised.
I don’t have any loans, credit card or any other commitments that I need to settle to the bank.
I just want to know if a NOC letter would suffice from myself and my sister along with the FD copy and letter from the bank stating that these funds can be en-cashed anytime.

Also will I need to get the NOC notarized or just our signature would be enough.

CIC website states:

If your spouse is coming with you, you can count money you have together in a joint account. You may be able to count money in an account under their name only, but you must prove you have access to the money.

  1. You will have to get a NOC for yourself stating your wife has full access to funds.
  2. You will have to get a NOC from your sister stating she has no objection in case you need to liquidate and use all funds
  3. If bank statement has more money than the minimum required you don’t even need FD. The same conditions of access apply to bank accounts as stated above. It might be prudent to get this letter in case the visa officer doesn’t know what an FD is.
  4. You need to provide a letter stating you will give her access to funds if required. You can also add her as joint account holder and then you won’t need the letter.
  5. Just a standard formal letter stating the details of the account, and that person X gives person Y full access to the funds if necessary.

I have a question:
I am the primary applicant and all the funds we’d be showing are in my individual account only. Do we still need to include a letter declaring my spouse will have access to the funds in my account, if required, or I can just include this in letter of explanation that the funds in my account are for both of us and my spouse has free access?

Since you’re the primary applicant and funds are in your account that’s all they want to know.

Hi. I’m from India. I’m new to this platform and still figuring my way around it. I have received my ITA and have the following questions.

  1. Proof of Funds: about 6-7 YEARS ago, my mother had created bank Fixed Deposits in my name. I was still doing my M.phil/phd at the time and therefore was on a stipend. Those FDs are still unused. They are only in my name and I have complete access to the money whenever i may want it, however, technically, the money belonged to my mother. Will these FDs work as proof of funds? I understand that they’re more than 6 months old, but will a question arise as to how did I have that much money when I was still studying at the time these FDs were created? If this is an issue, will a gift deed from my mother be sufficient/required? @mrandmrs could you please throw some light on my query above?

I think you can use those funds as long as you have complete access to them. Those FDs are pretty much like money in your account you have access to them regardless of source.

You can provide explanation in a letter as well.

Thank you for responding, Vignesh.
What exactly should be written in the letter? Do you mean I should explain the source of the money or just that I have complete access to it whenever I want…?

I don’t think you need to state you have access since the FD is in your name.
Actually second thought, as long as FD is in your name only and you have access to it I don’t think you need to show anything else.

Yes, the FDs are in my name only. Alright…hopefully it’ll work.
While I’m at it, might as well ask you this.

I have another bank account which is my regular salary account. Do I need to provide details of this account as well? My understanding is that immigration officers basically want to be sure that any incoming immigrant shall not be dependent on/ claim state welfare and that’s why PoF. As long as I show enough funds in one account, do I need to give details of the other account? I don’t have any outstanding loans or credit cards.
Asking because on the Ca govt website it states that I should provide details of all accounts.

Provide details of all accounts. We have India accounts which We didn’t show. But being in USA we presented our active ones here. Our funds far exceeded the required amount. It just prevents and doubt.

Thank you very much for responding. :slight_smile:

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