Question about police certificate

Hi everyone,

I am new here and looking forward to get some help and also helping the community. I got my ITA last week and now preparing the documents required.

I have lived in the US for almost 11 years now after moving from India. So, all the addresses in my address history (last 10 years) were from US.
My wife has been in US for 4 years and her address history had US addresses, HK addr(1 year) and India addr(5 years)

In the list of docs required, it only asks only for -
US PCC for me and
HK, Ind PCC for my wife

I had read somewhere that you have to produce PCC for all places where you have lived for more than 6 months. But still, I am not being asked for PCC India and my wife hasn’t been asked for her PCC from US.
Is this expected or am I missing something.


You need PCC’s for every country you lived in for over 6 months for the last 10 years since you turned 18. From what you mentioned it seems that you don’t satisfy that for India since you haven’t lived there for the last 10 years. As for your wife she will need PCC for HK, India and the US. Double check the dates you entered for your wife it’s possible you made a mistake. You’re wife most certainly needs for FBI ID History check if she lived in the US for the past 4 years.

For IEC, you’ll need to provide certificates for countries where you have spent time for six or more consecutive months since the age of 18.

FBI ID History (US PCC) is now electronic and quite fast.

Thanks @anon25417004. I applied for mine and and my my wife’s FBI checks in Dec. Hopefully, we should get those soon.
Strangely, I am still not seeing an option to upload US police certificate for my wife. This is her latest address history.

Do you see anything wrong with that. Thanks in advance!

Why do you think you are not seeing the option to upload your police certificates? Under Supporting documents for spouse you will see Not Provided Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file

You have to combine all your police certificates into 1 PDF and upload that keep in mind it needs to be under 4MB. Some guidance on combining documents into a single PDF. I just used drag-and-drop into the Mac PDF Preview app.

I need to add multiple files to my online application, but there is only one field to upload documents. What can I do?