Questions on ECA, Employment Proof, Finland PCC

Hello, I have a few questions that I need your help with

  1. I graduated with a dual Master’s degree last December. My Bachelor’s degree is in International Business. Do I need to have a separate submission to WES for my Bachelor’s degree? Or only my highest degree is sufficient?

  2. My dual Master’s degree is MBA and MIS. Do I need to send both diplomas? Also, my transcript has both degrees on it. Is one copy enough?

  3. In addition to my degrees, I have a certificate in Systems Design and Analysis as well. Do I need to have it certified?

  4. I have more than 3 years of professional experience. However, I doubt that I can get all the proof from all the employers. At least one company was already dissolved due to M&A. Is it possible that I get the proof for 3 years of employment/most recent jobs?

  5. I am living in the US now. I used to live in Finland for more than 6 months. It means that I will have to get some documents from both places (police reports and employment records). Should I start getting the documents before even creating the profile? Or does every document have to be within 6 months when I submit them for ITA?

Thanks a lot

  1. Highest degree should be sufficient.

  2. If your transcript has both MBA and MIS in it, one copy should suffice. You would need to send certificates for both degrees though. Contact the ECA agency you would be using to be certain though.

  3. I think non-degree certificate courses are not evaluated.

  4. You can get employment letters for 3 years from any of your employers (recent one would be preferable).

  5. You would need police report from Finland. It is up to you whether you want to claim points for your work experience in Finland. If you do, get the reference letter from there. If you don’t want to claim those in your 3 years of experience, you can just mention it later in the Personal History section, after receiving ITA.