Regarding Express Entry

Hello I have joined this community today and I have some questions before I start my process for Canada PR

  1. WES- wants to send the All Educational Transcripts in Sealed Envelope by the University Direct to WES
    I am currently in US on F1 Visa and I am doing Masters here. But back in India I have completed MCA in 2006 and BSC in 2002. So I dont have sealed envelope’s. How do i get that.

  2. What is the minimum score to get in IELTS to qualify under Express Entry

  3. Does my spouse also has to take the IELTS exam?
    4.Does my spouse Education has to be evaluated ?

Thanks in advance for your responses


  1. You have to check your MCS and BSc universities or their websites… If they allow online then apply for transcripts online or if they need physical demand draft and application then ask someone in your family or relatives in India to apply on your behalf or if locally then he or she can visit.

2.I think its 6.5 but @anon25417004 or @Anshul or others can confirm.

3.If you want extra points then yes adding your spouse will help and in that case she needs to give both IELTS and education evaluation.

Thank you so much for your valuable response

To add on to @srhere

  1. There is no minimum score in ielts as such. But, If you want a good CRS try to score at least (LRWS) 8777.

@g.rajtharun is right you will want to score as high as possible as its one thing that in your control. Other points like age, experience etc you can’t do much about but the IELTS score of you and your spouse can help you get the ITA (Invitation to apply for PR)

Having your spouse take the IELTS and have her education evaluated will give your application additional points.

Hi, I need clarification on something. I have one year work experience in noc code 6235 type b and a three work experience in noc code 6552 type c. Can I use both noc codes to apply for Express entry for federal skilled worker. Can i put the 1 year experience noc code 6235 type b as primary occupation and add the three years work noc code 6552 type c to get additional points