Sending passports from US to Ottawa

Need your help with sending the passports for stamping post PPR. Which service should I use FedEx, UPS etc or use the services from VFS? Which one is safe, reliable and has a complete tracking service? Which option did you use?

I used FedEx, which provides tracking. It took me 15 days to get my passport back.

I used Fedex to send my passport from the US to Ottawa and received it in 15 days precise. It is safe and convenient. Make sure you include a commercial invoice for inbound and outbound packages.

Was it 15 business days? Also, did you receive any communication from CIC during that, like acknowledgement or confirmation of receipt, etc.

No, unfortunately CIC does not communicate with you. I included a “signature needed” option with my mail which could confirm that my package was signed for. 1 week after they received my passport, my status changed online stating my application was approved. It was 10 business days.

Thanks for the information. I sent my passport and was received by CIC on the 10th of this month. Been a week and no update on my application status. How long does it generally take for CIC to approve and send the passports back?

2 weeks…

I sent my passport by UPS yesterday. they mentioned that i need commercial invoice to send to Canada and dont need one for getting it back. So i didnt include one. Did anyone else did the same?

Yes, I sent through FedEx. Sent a commercial invoice for both inwards and outwards.

Hello! I received my “ready for visa” letter today. Could I ask two questions about the returning envelope?

The instructions state: “please submit a self-addressed shipping label along with its commercial invoice and a returning envelope from FedEx, UPS or Purolator.”

  1. I was wondering if I should glue the “self-addressed shipping label” to the returning envelope or the label should be put aside the envelop (not glued)?

  2. Do I also pay postage for the returning package?

Thank you!

I used a big envelope to put my passports and also kept a small envelope (prepared with returning labels) in the same big envelope and sent to CIC. Used FedEx. Please create a commercial invoice both ways.

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Just to update. My return envelope with UPS did not have a commercial invoice. It did get pulled in Customs in Louisville, Kentucky.But i sent commercial invoice by email and it got released in a day. So please include commercial invoice both ways. Thanks


Hi Rival,

When did you receive your passports finally?

It has been 13 days for me no update