Sending passports from US to Ottawa

That should be good idea. Do you where I can look for their number on forum?

I have read that calling from US to IRCC is little tricky.

Use *67 613 944 4000. Apparently that is the Ottawa office’s number. I got it from here:

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Thank you mrandmrs and indocan,

I called them yesterday and asked them about delay, they gave me a standard reply about processing timelines. Few hours later the account was updated as application approved. The passport is not shipped yet (hopefully next few days)


So how long in total it took from delivery to approval ?

01AUG2019- Received PPR email
08AUG2019- Passport sent (FedEx)
09AUG2019- Passport received by IRCC
28AUG2019- Called them asking about status(I used burner app works great, call wait time was 52 mins. Call agent said that we did receive your passport and told me about processing time, nothing more)
29AUG2019- Opened CIC account and saw the message that case was approved).
03SEP2019: Fedex notification (Passport sent out)
04SEP2019: Received CoPR and passports


01 AUG 2019- Received PPR email
22 AUG 2019- Passport sent (FedEx)
23 AUG 2019- Passport delivered
05 SEP 2019- Called IRCC to understand status; the agent mentioned that the passport has been sent for printing and suggested to wait for two more weeks
06 SEP 2019- Status changed to Approved on CIC account
10 SEP 2019- Fedex return tracker activated


Sorry, I was working on moving. Yes received the passport! Hope you have received too!

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Yup completed soft landing :+1:

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Hello folks,

I need help from you all. I sent my passport to CPC - Ottawa on September 13th for COPR and visa stamping. After delivery I received photo re-submission request twice, on 19th September and then again on 24th September. I sent photos on 25th for the second time, which were delivered to CPC on 26th September. I haven’t heard from them ever since and I am getting a little anxious because I have a travel plan out of US on 22nd October. I tried calling *67 613 944 4000 but it took me to global affairs instead of IRCC, and the IVR explicitly said that they won’t answer any questions related to IRCC application. Can you please advise what I can do to request them to expedite? I am really worried that I may not get my passport back in time, any help is appreciated.


Hi Nik, can you please share the number you called to connect with IRCC agent?

Hi @akel, can you please share the number you called?

It’s the number mentioned by @mrandmrs
I called them exactly a month back.

I finally chose to install an app (TextNow) which gave me a virtual Canadian phone number. I used that app to call the Canadian customer care number of CIC (+1 888 242 2100). The agent told me that the COPR was printed on 8th October, and only step after that is to mail the passports and COPR back. Hope they mail those soon.


one question , does this re-submission request comes directly from Ottawa office or u get email from generic IRCC email address (Like AOR emails). Please share

The request came from CPC Ottawa.

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Thanks for the info …

Can you please give some idea about when did you reach Canada and if you moved from US, what was the best method of transportation/airlines as per your findings? Thank you


I recently got PPR after long time. I am searching for good instruction on how to create the return shipment envelop either using FedEx or UPS and cannot find anything.

Can someone point to how to do this please? I already have FedEx and UPS accounts. I want to know what to do so I don’t lose my passport.

Also, do I have an option to submit the passport at the Canadian consulate or visa application center in New York? There is no mention of this in the email, but I am seeing people talking about it on the forums.

Thank you!