Soft Landing via Road


Hello All,

I am currently on H1B visa and planning to do a soft landing this month via Road ( Windsor City in Ontario, Canada)

I have a couple of questions:

(1) Can I complete the PR process within 3-4 hours and then return back to the USA on the same day?
(2) List of the documents I need to carry with me?
(3) Can I travel during weekend as well?

Thanks in advance !!


  1. Yes you can turn right back to the US after confirming PR. For re-entry to Canada in future you will need to apply for PR travel document (takes a week) or wait for someone to mail you the PR card from the address you give during landing (can take 2-3 months).

  2. Someone with H1-B experience should answer this*.

  3. As far as I know, the border is open 24 hours so there should be some CBSA officer to address your landing procedure. (e.g. Most likely you will travel during daytime so that should be OK. Google for the congestion hours at your favorite border crossing to avoid delays.


For 2, I’ve required passport (with valid visa stamped) and I-797 in the past but you probably also want to keep I-129 (if applicable), job offer letter and a few recent paystubs just in case. Good luck!


In addition, if you can include the reference letter from your current company/boss that you got for EE, then you should carry that as well in case CBP asks for description of duties :stuck_out_tongue: