Soft Landing via Road


@ProJack1991, YES !


I guess there are two places you can do landing at Windsor! Which one did you use?



thanks for replying! Did you mention that its your friend’s address when they asked if you have a canadian address?


@arun.dash90, windsor tunnel


@ProJack1991, it should not matter if it is friends address or relatives address. They did not ask me who’s address, and I did not need to answer that question.


Thanks, when you gave your friend’s address, didn’t you give his name also, or you just gave the address?


@arun.dash90, just address

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I cannot share my own form for obvious reasons.
You need to download the B4 forms from CBSA website and for each form prepare Excel sheets for 1) Accompanying goods and 2) Goods to follow. For 2) you’ll have to go around the house and take stock of whatever you own, categorize them, value them, and add it to excel sheet. This shouldn’t take more than a weekend. Include everything, even if you sell something/don’t bring what’s on the list to Canada that’s fine.


You need to provide more details: what step are you in, in the EE application?
If you both have already received your PR visa, and land before childbirth it should not be a problem. If childbirth happens before you land you’ll have to inform CIC.

If you haven’t applied yet, then you should apply normally and after child birth, apply for the PR for the child (assuming born outside Canada).

Currently it’s taking more than 6 months anyway from AOR to PPR for many people.


Hello Guys,

I just got my CoPR & Canadian Visa this week. I’m currently in USA, working on F1/OPT. I’m planning to do a soft-landing in Ontario this weekend, either by flight or by Car. I’m planning to come back in 2days & for the PR, I will give my friend’s address who stays in Canada & he will courier me once he gets it. I have few questions if you can answer them:

  1. What all documents are needed to carry with you when you’re going there first time?
  2. How much time does the PR card take once applied?
  3. Is it wise to give Goods to follow list now itself?
  4. As I’m looking to go for 2 days, I will be hardly carrying any money as I have US credit cards, so will it work if I just show them my financial proof of US bank & tell them I’ll carry money/transfer with me once I’m moving permanently ?
  5. Also, can you provide me with list of things to complete once you land there for first time? like (PR Card application, SIN no., opening a bank account (which one though?)etc.)

Thank you everyone for helping each other out.


Hi Prag,

How did the landing go? Were you able to apply for the PR card?


I’m going there next weekend!


Hi everyone, did our landing at US CANADA peace bridge this weekend.
Took me total of 40 mins max for the whole procedure.

Once we pulled into Canada border, the CBP officer took our passport and COPR, asked couple of questions like where we are heading, why we are not moving for good today and only soft landing and then asked us to go in the building nearby.

Once inside the building, no line - the CBP office at the counter called us, took our passports, asked us to sit.
5 mins later, called us back - asked us the address where we want PR Card to be sent, When we plan to move and then asked us to sign the COPR in front of her.
Congratulated us for being PR now in Canada and mentioned PR Card will be mailed in 10-12 weeks, and if we need to travel before PR card comes , then we can use COPR to travel without visa when traveling via road but if flying in to Canada then we need to get visa from embassy before we travel. Then asked to go and stand in another line for goods to follow list.

The second line was for goods to follow list. the CBP officer started to fill the form when we mentioned we are only doing soft landing and will move permanently in few months so only fill goods to follow form. We took 2 copies of goods to follow list with us which she signed and kept one with her and return the 2nd copy to us. Then we had to go to a cashier who gave us a $0 receipt so we keep the receipt with the goods to follow list. Whenever we move permanently,we will have to provide the original stamped list of goods and recipet.

That’s it, after this we travelled ahead to Toronto which is around 2 hours drive from peace bridge. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just in case anyone else is in this boat, there’s a few interesting things here -

  1. Canada does not typically physically cancel your tourist visa, however, the actual underlying visa is not valid.
  2. The only workaround here occasionally is that the presence of a tourist visa means that an airline may let you board on the basis of that. However, once you reach Canada, you will simply use your CoPR with the CBSA in order to get in. This is, on average, pointlessly risky, so I wouldn’t suggest it. If your philosophy leans towards YOLO though, … :slight_smile:
  3. Strongly do recommend getting a PRTD, because it tends to be one year, multiple entry on average of late, which is very convenient. Note that it’s typically best for you to have your CoPR in addition to the PRTD, since there are definitely CBSA officers who ask for both before they let you in.
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  1. I agree, I think boarding flight with an invalid visa is risky as they also scan the visa (it may even show up in their system as invalid ref: Better apply for PRTD or wait for PR card.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Did you drive your own vehicle or rental ??

I am not sure if we can drive our own vehicle into Canada during landing.


Hi @g.rajtharun, yes you can. We just drove last weekend using our car. Just make sure you carry your car registration along with you.


Thanks for the quick response.


Guys, I have a urgent question if anyone can help me out. I just completed my PR Landing last Thursday & I came back to US in 3 days. My plan was to resign from work here in US, go to India for few weeks & then land back in Canada when I get my PR card…

However, I have now got an Interview call for a job position in Canada. I know there are always options of doing the interview on skype etc, but I would still like to find a way to go to Canada for an onsite interview. I searched for options online & it says you need a PRTD(may take around a month to get one) to go back to Canada by air, train or bus. But what if I go to Canada by road, say I take a rental car or if my friend would drop me? Would I still need a PRTD?


You can use your COPR for reentry.