Stratford University - WES Evaluation

I am planning to get my stratford degree evaluated through WES. I have graduated on December 2015 . can you please send me your contact detail?

Is WES considering degree from stratford?

My degree was from 2009/10,and yes it is considered Masters, same equivalent in Canada by WES as well

I do not know if things have changed for other graduating years. That can only be answered by WES…


Could you please share the full screenshot??? Please blur any of your personal information. Thanks in advance.

I have researching on this issue and came across your post on google. I did my eca last year and got a reply for. My BBA of stratford from WES that it’s a non recognized institution.

Pls let me know what happened with your ECA so I can tackle this with WES and the university

I had no issues, and mine was good.

Note that mine was for Masters degree, so not sure about BBA.

Thanks for such a quick response. I’m thinking I should write to WES in regards to this but was hoping if I had some proof to back my claim, even though yours was a masters, the university has one accreditation. Will you be able to share your ECA on my email I can also share my ECA with you on your personal email if you want to have a look. Pls let me know your email.
I had graduated in 2015 BBA in Finance.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything additional to share other than what I have provided here already (you can screenshots of portion of my ECA here in this hthread above). I am not comfortable sharing the whole ECA. Sorry.

Credential evaluation for Bachelors vs Masters may be different based on what the WES guidelines are, so as you mention, it would be best for WES to come back with this information.

No issues. It’s odd that, my equivalence according to WES is bachelors degree from a ‘non recognized institution’ ACICS being the body validating Stratford.

Now in remarks they have said this “Only institutions recognized by one of the six regional accreditating agencies in USA are recognized in Canada.

When did you graduate? When did you get your ECA done?


I am in the same boat, trying to get the BBA eca sorted by WES.

Did you manage to get it done? I sent mine and they said it’s a Bachelors all right in Canada but not from a recongnized institution so basically it doesn’t count.

I graduated in 2009, Masters.

ECA was done Apr/May 2019.

I completed my BS from Stratford university in 2013. And got my WES result today saying:
Bachelor’s degree is from non-recognized institution. Any idea. From where we can get this evaluation done? or what should be the further steps