Stratford University - WES Evaluation

Hi Guys,

I’m done with my IELTS and moving forward to ECA. Does anyone know if WES or IQAS recognize Masters from Stratford University?

Thank you!

Yes - no issues. Got it as confirmed as Canadian equivalent Master’s degree.

I had mine done last month.

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Hi akc5247. Did you apply through WES or any other program? I had applied maybe last year May or June and was given NOT RECOGNIZED university. Can you please share details?


I did it via WES in Apr 2019 (sent it in Feb end, got back mid Apr) … And had no issues

Sorry for the delayed response, missed this update

Thanks for the reply. So you applied through WES for Stratford University and they accepted? Can you please give your contact number, so i can talk in detail?


I sent you a msg with what I received, from WES

I’m also planning to get my Masters from Stratford University evaluated from WES. Can you please share your experience or what you received from them.
Thanks in advance!


This is what i received from WES evaluation… Feel free to DM if you need more info.

I graduated BBA from Stratford University. I heard that WEC doesn’t recognize Stratford university degree. When did you apply?

As mentioned above, I got mine done May 2019. It was for Masters degree, so I’m not sure about BBA.

Hey akc5247 I need to get my master degree evaluated too, but an immigration office for Canada back in my country says the startford university isn’t accredited in Canada per their regulation. is there any way to get in touch with you to have a better understanding on this evaluation ??? thanks


My experience with WES evaluations for Stratford is entirely what I have documented above.

Below is what I got: (snippets)


Feel free to ping me via DM for more info; happy to help if I can.

Hello All,

I am planning for Canada PR. I need to apply for WES evaluation. I graduated form Stratford University, VA. Did anyone having ACICS accreditation got their WES evaluation done successfully in the year 2020???

Are you asking in general prior to sending the transcripts over?

Or, are there any issues with getting evaluations now (in 2020) for Stratford?

I’m asking in general prior sending my masters transcripts.

akc5247, A part from you any of your Stratford friends got the WES evaluation done successfully recently??

That I’m not sure…

Threads here are probably the most up-to-date than any friends I know from there.

hey @akc5247 buddy i graduated from stratford univ in 2015. If i send my masters degree to WES would they recognize it since i graduated in 2015 ? Can you also send me a copy of what you received from WES?

Hi - I had posted a screenshot of that above as well


I am planning to get my stratford degree evaluated through WES. I have graduated on December 2015 . can you please send me your contact detail?

Is WES considering degree from stratford?