Stratford University - WES Evaluation

@Sharma.visania88 see above

@akc5247 Thank you for sharing the screenshot. Were you able to find out if you will get the points of Masters although they mention that it is not recognized in Canada? I am confused as to when I am submitting my profile in express entry, should I put Masters or not…

I already got my CoPR. So no issues encountered by me, as confirmed earlier in the thread.

@akc5247 Congratulations!! Did you put Masters while completing your profile?
Quick question: was you masters in Information systems or computer science?
I have researched and read so much but I am still really confused about this process. Is there any way I can reach out to you via phone? I would really appreciate it.

@akc5247 Would you be able to help me with the above questions. I am sorry I haven’t found any other blogs that are more recent than this. Please know that I truly appreciate your help!

Yes, i put the above masters degree. I got Ontario PNP with the same as well.

I’m not sure what additional help I can provide, tbh… Everything I know and used is documented above

@akc5247 No problem! That makes sense.
For the Ontario PNP, I believe you have to get a job offer first before applying for the PNP, correct? Did you work with an Immigration consultant for this?
My crs score is 10 points less in EE right now so I may have to get PNP too.

That’s not accurate, at least when I got OINP. I did not and do not have a job offer in Ontario

You can search for Ontario PNP in the forums he for my related posts

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@akc5247 Oh ok! I will look for the related posts. If you have a link for that forum, please share it too. Thank you so much.

@akc5247 I am looking into the PNP categories for Ontario. Can you please share which category you had applied under?

Hi Ubaid
Have you tried any other ECA body for your evaluation.

Hi akc5247,

After getting your evaluation done for master’s degree, were points awarded for it since it is not a recognised university?


hi -
can you please share your info - my e-mail is

I have passed in 2010 from Falls Church, VA campus and How do i contact stratford University to submit the documents in a sealed envelope? how did you manage?
I request you to please reply or e-mail me directly

As confirmed above in screenshots, my WES report has university had it as recognized, so I had no issues

I believe it was registrar at or something similar. You can check their website