Submitting passport for PR visa stamp


Hi all,

I received my ITA in March and submitted my application with all necessary material in early May. I would really like to attend my sister’s wedding which will be held overseas in early October. So if I choose to attend, it’s quite likely that I’ll be asked to turn in my passport for a Canadian PR visa stamp when I’m overseas. And I should add that I’ll need to get a new H1b stamp when I’m overseas in October in order to be able to return to the US. How lenient is CIC towards an extension of submitting passports for a visa stamp?

Before, Anshul has answered a similar inquiry, which I couldn’t appreciate enough. If more folks who have received their Canadian PR cards or visa stamps could share your experience, that would be great. Thanks!


I would say this is based on the officer handling your request. I would urge you to get a request for an extension in and explain the reason. If granted it will be on your file and you will get additional time to submit the passport. Keep in mind this also means you will have have less time between when you get your Visa and confirmation of PR document and the time by which you have to complete you landing since it’s based on the date of your medical checkup.


I wonder if @Fan is in India when CIC issues a PPR, then the passport can still be sent to CIC office from India and received in India? Then H-1B interview can also be scheduled accordingly?


I don’t think he would have the time to send the passport to CIC then receive it and schedule a US stamping. Thats a quite a bit of complexity. Again he’s assuming thats when he will be asked for the passport submission. I think CIC would be ok with issuing some extension as long he explains the situation and asks for it on time.


If I remember correctly, after PPR we have 30 days to send passport to CIC (assuming they don’t give extension). The only issue I see is if the H-1B gets stuck with 221g or any administrative hurdles. Also may depend on the fact that @Fan says it’s “new H1B stamp” meaning he’s already in H1B status(?). Don’t know enough about H1B to comment on the interview.


I’m currently on an H1b status and have obtained an H1b visa stamp before but it’s expired. So if I travel overseas I will need to apply for a new stamp in order to return to the US, which might take longer to get than before due to “administrative processing”.

As far as timeline goes, all I know is it takes about 6 months to proecess a PR application. However, 6 months is only one number without capturing variation among different applicants. Could more folks share how long it took you between submitting your PR application and receiving the approval notice?


Most likely it will take 4 months to get PPR, not 6. But if I was in your position and it did take 6, and I wanted to be absolutely safe, I’d do the PPR first and then worry about H1B stamp, unless the stamp or the India trip was absolutely necessary in Dec.