Submitting passport for PR visa stamp


Used UPS. I’m based out of SF Bay Area.


Make sure you select the fastest overnight delivery service from Fedex/UPS. Also if they have asked for return envelope, send the same type of overnight delivery return envelope. Thats what we did when sending our passports for Indian PCC.


One week after it reached Ottawa CPC (does not include shipping times). I used Fedex from DC region. Took about 2 days each way. So 11 days in total.


So did you request extension?

or anybody knows how to request extension to submit passports?

I emailed 7-8 days ago but have not received any email till now…

Please suggest guys…



Guys…did you send passports in a simple envelope or FEDEX/UPS particular envelope…?
and for return envelope, do i need to write from and to address or not?

We need to add attach printout of pdf annexure attached in ready for visa email… correct?
and just photos to be sent alongwith that printout and alongwith passports… correct?


I sent it in a UPS next day envelope.

For return, its just a label and envelope included in the package with a To address to your address in USA.

You have to sign the document provided to you, it provides all the instructions
Photos with name on the back and date of photo taken should be sent.




I don’t think that it would take such a short time as well. Usually, according to natives, it takes up to 10 business days but not less than 5. So, you have at least two weeks of a head start for sure. But nonetheless you might well get some sort of backup with preparing all the papers you might think would be required in such a case. You may ask for them from officials in person or get from the tool like this one, for example which storing the templates of documents for purposes of business with ID’s, passports etc


Hi Vignesh,
Really helpful information. Thank you.

I recently sent my passport, photos, and Annex A. It was delivered on Sep 26. I took the photos at a Fedex center, but forgot to write the name and date at the back of the photos. The photos are in the fedex photocard. Do you have any idea about this scenario?

thank you again.


What kind of photos did you send? Did they ask for photos in the following format, or give link to something similar:

My “ready for visa” email had the following link on it:

CIC is very specific about PR photos, especially for PR cards.
If they have asked for photos in this format, the photos should be 50x70mm, with shadows removed and light/white background. The name/address of photo studio should be stamped at back with your name and DoB written. This is for each photo you send. I spent over $40 x 4 for 8 photos, for PR application, PR visa, and for PR card twice at my local studio (because they said PR photos are not upto specification, the only thing missing were the details on the back). Check if any studio around you does this for you.

I would recommend emailing/calling them to ask if you can send new photos. Unless you want to take a chance and see if they accept the ones you sent.


I second @avj on the photos. The only delay that can take place would be if the photos are not up to spec. Not writing the name on the back of the photo should not be a show stopper.


Not writing the name on the back of the photo should not be a show stopper.

I think it was for me. I had sent PR card photos along with the PPR request (I had presumed at the time they are for PR card). The only thing missing I think was my name and DoB on the back. During landing they never asked me for any photos even though I had brought them. Then 2 months later I got the “photos not per specification” email and I had to send new ones and two months after that the PR card got approved.


Interesting. I was not aware of that. Should I be taking the same photos that I submitted as part of the application? or should I be taking new photos considering the old one will be outside the 6 month mark?


I have a similar concern or question about submitting the photos taken within 6 months when mailing them together with the passport but beyond 6 months when landing.


Get new ones done according to the specifications and also add date photo was taken and name of studio. Usually professional studios will have a stamp for this purpose. Also add your name and DOB.


i have sent the documents yesterday after PPR… the photos had studio name and address and i think even the date handwritten by them but i missed to write name and DOB on photos for me and my dependents… will it be any issue?

the photos to be sent with passports are not for stamping and are for a later use for pr card??


Yeah the ones I have right now are per specification and have stamps on the back. I was wondering if you’d recommend taking new ones as I took these back in March.


Technically they should be as recent as possible so if its not a big hassle I’d say just get new ones taken.


The two photos I had sent with PPR: one was attached to the CoPR document and they kept one. I never saw it anywhere after that. For PR card they didnt ask me any during landing and later I had to send new ones anyway. Not sure which ones they use for PR card.


my package was delivered today by fedex…

As usual we had sent it to 365 Laurier Ave West.
but it has been delivered to 2303 Stevenage Dr, Ottawa and was signed by R.ROZIDO