Submitting passport for PR visa stamp

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New member here. I have a question. I am praying you will be able to answer since many people are moving from the US to Canada. So, we (the husband & I) got our PPR last week, and we have a month to submit our passports. The only problem is that my husband is in the States and I am in India. It is not possible for him to come to India and get his passport stamped. Is there any way, he can get his visa stamped in the States and I can get it done in India? Has anyone faced such a situation in the community?
I am freaking out here. Do help me out. All suggestions are welcome.


Just drop a mail to the email id mentioned in your PPR mail and explain your situation. I shifted back to India from USA just on the day I got my PPR mail. So, I just mailed them on the email id they provided to change my passport submit address. I received a new PPR mail in a week. For you, the situation is a bit different, but I think it should work out. Just drop them an email.

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Thanks I’ll do that.


I just got my passport photos frm CVS photo as per specifications but I forgot to get one of them stamped or signed by CVS. Is it ok if I write CVS store address myself and post along with my passport?


Does CVS put their stamp on the photos? My husband needs to get his photos for submission.


Thanks for the info. We have gotten our revised PPR request. Any idea where in Milwaukee anyone can get the photos stamped as per the PPR requirement?

I don’t know about that, I took from VFS center here in Bangalore.

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The photos must have all the details required by CIC: Name, DOB, Name of studio, date photo was taken etc.



I sent my passports to Ottawa yesterday for COPR processsing from US. Fedex just gave me a return envelope and a airway bill(with my address as a recipient on it and fedex account written on it) which I included in the mail , they didn’t generate any return label. Fedex employee said fedex in Canada will scan this airway bill and will create the label based on that. is that how it works ?


Finally got the golden email. Thanks everyone for your help on this forum.
Quick question: For sending the photos , all I need to put on the back is Name, DOB, Name of Studio and Address of Studio + Stamp of Studio. Right ? Anything else???

Also, for folks in US, sending the passports to Ottawa, is there anything else that you need to send other than the following 4 documents:

  1. Passports for everyone in the application.

  2. Photos

  3. Annex A (only 1 in total, or 1 each for everyone in the family??? )

  4. Return envelope.

Thanks and appreciate your help folks.

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Hi @truseju… can u plz reply to this post,
Primary Applicant (Canada) & Spouse (India) in different countries - sending passports issue

Kindly need ur advise on this plz. Also anyone with similar experience, plz help

Could you please tell how many days did VFS, New York take to send your passports back. And, we just have to send passports, 2 photos for each , Annex (signed by primary applicant only) , and return envelope ?


I sent my passports to Ottawa office, not new york.
Received it in exactly 2 weeks.

and yes the list of document is complete. that’s all we need.

Hello Guys ,

We had sent our documents to VFS Newyork for stamping, but they returned it saying that the information was missing. They need a consent form and a money order for 19 dollars ? Does anyone know what that might be ?

@jasneetmatharu Go to this website:

Thank you for the link. Is there a post detailing the procedure ? Do all the applicants need to sign the consent form and is the fee 19.90 USD per applicant?

@jasneetmatharu Yes to both the procedure and the fee.

when I applied for work permit, I had to get the signed consent letter as it’s needed for authorizing VFS to send your passports to CIC in Canada.
and yes, the fee is 19.90 per applicant. you could get a banker’s check per applicant.

Thanks. How do we send the consent form of minor ? Can parents sign it on behalf of the child?

Thank you. In the consent form, there is a section about biometric information. Did you give them permission to collect the biometric information? We are not required to submit any biometrics for our PR application.