Submitting passport for PR visa stamp


Hey there,

New member here. I have a question. I am praying you will be able to answer since many people are moving from the US to Canada. So, we (the husband & I) got our PPR last week, and we have a month to submit our passports. The only problem is that my husband is in the States and I am in India. It is not possible for him to come to India and get his passport stamped. Is there any way, he can get his visa stamped in the States and I can get it done in India? Has anyone faced such a situation in the community?
I am freaking out here. Do help me out. All suggestions are welcome.



Just drop a mail to the email id mentioned in your PPR mail and explain your situation. I shifted back to India from USA just on the day I got my PPR mail. So, I just mailed them on the email id they provided to change my passport submit address. I received a new PPR mail in a week. For you, the situation is a bit different, but I think it should work out. Just drop them an email.


Thanks I’ll do that.