The UPS in my city (US) told me they cannot send pre-paid return envelope to Canada

Very confused when I’m trying to send my passport and photos. I live in a small city in the US. I went to UPS they told me they cannot send pre-paid return envelope to Canada because it’s international. So how may I solve this?

Thanks in advance!

We used Fedex and it worked perfectly! UPS might have a different procedure to send the same. Probably that location folks might be unaware of the procedure.
May be try again or call the customer care and they may guide them.


Thank you appy22. I’ll look for a fedex then!

You create import label on ups website. Details Creating UPS Return Label for Canada to US Passport Shipment

I used fedex. When I went the first time, I couldn’t get generate a prepaid envelope. Then i registered on their site and added a CC for billing. Then I generated a prepaid label and took it to them. They just folded an envelope and added the label in that. Then they placed my passport, and other docs along with the former envelope inside and sent it to the CIC.

No issue happened. I received my COPR and Passport in 4 weeks.

The important & confusing thing is the customs document that’s needed to be attached with the Pre-paid envelope. May be the employee at that location didn’t know how to do it on their system.

Thank you all for your replies. I’ve got it taken care of by Fedex.
My IRCC account says it’s approved now. May I ask when they will send my passport back to me? I saw below link many people’s tracker was activated the same day when their application was approved: