Time to initiate return shipment by cpc ottawa

Hi everyone,

How much time does it take for cic to initiate the return shipment of passport and copr from cpc Ottawa to US. COPR was approved 2 days back but the fedex return label hasn’t been initiated yet. Thanks.

Should happen within next 2 days .

It varies. For me, it took 12 days to happen


I have sent my passport for PR stamping to cpc ottawa via Fedex and it was delivered on April 25th.
I have not received any notification from them and my fedex return shipment has not been initiated.
What is the standard processing time and is there a way we can contact them for the status?

Hi @ghuman.jas,
Where can we check if the COPR was approved?
I sent my passport on 10th June and no return shipment initiated yet.

It takes 2-3 weeks , so be patient and you will get the good news soon

You’ll see that in your cic profile portal that it’s approved once approved. Takes 4-5 days to get your passport back after approval. Total 2-3 weeks for entire process.

Thank you!

I sent a passport 25 calendar days back and my application was approved only today.

The timelines can vary by the applicant, but this might give you a good idea -

thank you…this helps. I was starting to worry as there is no update on my application yet.

Hi everyone,

I finally got my PPR on June 13, 2019 (after applying for Express Entry - CEC on July 23, 2018). I sent my passport to the Passport Submissions office in Ottawa and it arrived there on July 8, 2019. I need to travel outside of Canada on August 2, 2019. Does anyone think I will be getting my passport back in time? Thank you all and good luck with your immigration processes.