Toronto: Mover recommendations for moving stuff from UPack container to my condo?

Can anyone recommend local moving services that will move my stuff from a UPack Relo Cube to my condo in Downtown Toronto?

I looked at some of the previous posts on this topic (this and this), but didn’t see anything for Relo Cube to home.

I have been referred to someone called Mr. Amar Mane. If I go ahead with him, I will try to post a review.

I have seen that guy in IIT facebook group. How did it go and how much did he charge?

I went with ‘Available Movers’ instead as they were more reasonable to quote.
It was a bad experience though and I wouldn’t recommend them.

We used his services last month while moving within Ontario (65km). He charged $450 for a 1BR+Den apartment move. He isn’t very expensive but he is also not insured. He was an hour late arriving and did not communicate. One of our friends used his services too and he was 2 hours late for their move and did not communicate. Both times he blamed it on the U-Haul people.

2 of our furniture pieces arrived slightly scratched/dented. Since we were on a budget and this was Ikea stuff, we didn’t mind as much but I wouldn’t hire him if I had expensive furniture or too many fragile items. Having said that he was quick with the loading and unloading. He had one other young guy with him (probably a student doing PT job).

Can you PM me his phone number or email address?

Amar Mane - 437-772-9615