Transcript from SV University, Tirupati

Hi, Is there anyone in the group who got the transcript from SV University, Tirupati? If so, can you let me know the procedure followed?

Reason for my post is, am a 2010 passed out. On contacting the university, I was told that if I send them a copy of my provisional/Degree certificates, they would attest the same and send it to WES. The new online way of doing transcript is only for new passed outs it seems.

So, just want to know is there anyone in this group who went thru all these in a similar fashion?

Use mailtranscripts. It’s an Indian website. A bit expensive but they will get the job done. I got mine from that site. They directly sent the transcripts to WES.

I have checked with , they dont process for SV University, Tirupati

alternatively you can check - I am in the process of using their service, will let you know the updates.

Hi Somu4u, could you please let me know if you were successful in getting the required transcripts done from SV Uninversity through I am alo thinking of using their services, need your feedback on their service and the charges. Request you to provide the details. Thanks.