Travelling to India and getting married after AOR



I am in a similar situation like yours and all of your comments have been very helpful. I got a request for additional information and forms. I have some questions about the forms. Here is a part of the request I received:

 Updated Generic Application Form for Canada IMM 0008 for yourself and your spouse or
common-law partner (CLP);
 Updated Additional Family Information Form IMM 5406 for yourself and your spouse or
common-law partner (CLP);
 A completed and signed by your spouse or common-law partner (CLP)Schedule A Background/
Declaration IMM 5669;
 Supplementary Information Your Travels form IMM5562 E for your spouse or common-law
partner (CLP);
 If applicable: A completed and signed IMM4509 Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union

Regarding the IMM5562 form, the request says this form should be completed and signed by my spouse. However on the form itself it is mentioned that the form should be completed by the Principal Applicant (me) and there is a section for “You” and “Your Spouse”. What do you recommend based on your experience? Should I fill the form with my details in the “You” section or my wife’s?

Hi there!,

I just went through my documents. I submitted 2 copies of the imm5562e document totalling 4 pages

Pages 1 and 2 were family details of my wife keeping her in “Applicant” and my name in “Spouse”. 1 page in English and 1 page in my mother-tongue.

Pages 3 and 4 were my family details with my name as “Applicant” and my wife’s name in “Spouse”. 1 page in English and 1 page in my mother-tongue

I made these 4 pages into 1 pdf and submitted. I hope it helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions and good luck with the application :slight_smile:

@prasan Appreciate the quick response. IMM5562E is the Travel Information form and not the Family Information form. Can you please check what you did with IMM5562E?

Another question, did you submit two form IMM 0008s one for yourself and one for your spouse? If so, did you still mention her as your dependent in your IMM 0008 and you as a dependent in her IMM 008?

Does the spouse get their own UCI number? Should I leave the UCI number field blank wherever I am filling out her information or just the my UCI number?

Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions, just trying to be little less annoying by reducing the back and forth :slight_smile:

Oops! Sorry for the miscommunication I had saved my forms with the wrong numbers.

For the travel form, I submitted only one copy with my wife’s name in section 1, her travel records in section 2a and mine on section 2b. My travel history needed extra space so I attached a separate page with my wife’s name, the form name, the section (“2b”) and added a table with the additional information.

I submitted only 1 IMM0008 form and listed her as my dependent. I did not submit one with her listed as primary.

In my case I kept UCI number blank for her. It will be generated once spouse/common-law partner gets added to your profile in the portal. They do that once these documents that you submit now are reviewed.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We understand the stress that adding to spouse takes during this process having gone through it ourselves and we are happy to help! :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your help! Thank you!

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Hey all! I am going through the same process and tracking my progress here: Spouse Added Post PPR - Feb 2020. Good Luck and hope it gets resolved soon :+1:

Hi Prasan: Have you heard from CIC by now after adding your spouse to your application? If yes, then can you please tell when did you get your PPR after submitting all your documents. If possible, then some detailed timelines of Medical exam passed, bio metrics request and PPR date will be great.

Hi @dverma we received our copr on January after we submitted all our documents towards end of July last year

My AOR - Feb 14, 2019
PPR for me - May 15, 2019
Docs submitted (along with upfront medical for spouse) - Jul 28, 2019
Additional document request for relationship proof - Oct 1, 2019,
Biometrics for spouse Oct 18, 2019
PPR2 - Jan 7, 2020

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Hi @azim1545 What is the status of your application now? Actually i am into the same situation. Let me explain the scenario ;

  1. Submitted my response to ITA on 31st Dec’2019
  2. Medical exam passed on 22nd Jan’2020 and Biometric done on 4th Feb’2020
  3. IRCC website shows my application is complete at 38% and expected date for 100% completion is 30th Jun’2020.

Now the situation is my engagement is fixed in May’2020 by the same time i am expecting my COPR based on past trend.
Please guide me in my below queries ;
Whether i should do register marriage to add my spouse name after receiving COPR? if so approximately how much time will it take to process her application if i submit all the relevant documents in 30 days of intimation by IRCC?

During this period of adding my spouse name, whether my passport will get stamped? allowing me to fly to Canada?

Looking forward to your help in this regard.

hi @rishikeshuk492,

Ideally the portal timeline is pretty accurate so you should receive the request for passport email around June (for the temporary Visa stamp)

On receiving PPR email, it will be clearly mentioned to report IRCC if your marital status has changed(which is what I did). So, you should not send your passport and instead contact them and notify about the status change. Now, I am not sure how long will it take to add your spouse since I too am in the middle of this process. But, I will keep updating the thread i created.

No, since you won’t be sending out your passport until the whole process is completed. Once your spouse get added, you will again receive an email asking to send both the passports.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Prasan! This is very helpful.

Thanks for sharing.your reference is quite helpful. confronting same situation .
requested addition of spouse in 12 dec 2019
got ppr1 dec 18,2020
Email regarding submittion of documents 9 january 2020
reminder to upload documnts 22 jan
Biometric Request for spouse 12 feb
biometric done on 24 feb
No update since 15 days
but one thing in email and all that nothing has been written for proof of funds , so i have not updated …please help me regarding this.

If they didn’t request for proof of funds you don’t have to update them. For me they had asked for the pof document again and I submitted a fresh copy of it. Also at this stage if you have already crossed 6 months from your AOR I highly recommend ordering GCMS notes. It gives you a clear idea of the actions done on your file. For us we recieved it in December 2019 and we learnt valuable information that my medicals were extended and our file had been processed, almost 3 weeks before we actually got our PPR

Hi Harnek,

Did you get the biometric request within a month of submitting your paperwork to add the spouse?

Hi Prasan,

We submitted the paper work on Feb 7th and then medical on Feb 28th (passed on march 5th), but havent heard of any request for biometric yet?

Do you think there is any reason to be concerned or is this a reasonable timeline?


thanks u sir. can you please share me the method to order the gcms notes. also i need a valueable advice on my spouse case. we are expecting baby in august thats why earlier i planned to not acompny my spouse to canda. so in email to new delhi office to add my spouse i clearly mentioned that she is not accompanying with me. but now i have managed everithing in canda with releatives. they will help out for everything . so should i request again for accompnishmnet of spouse again or not. bcoz it would beneficial as baby will get direct citizenship . also i have not paid any fee for my spouse (Processing and landing), but paid bimetric fee. please advice me on this issue

i got application kit for my spouse on 8 january and everyone gets 1 month to submit. i have submitted on 24 jan. and spouse was added on 25 jan
after that i got fingerprint request on 12feb

The timeline of processing your application is completely dependent on the office processing. Ours was Montreal and it’s known to be very slow in processing. However if you have crossed 6 months timeline since your AOR you can use and order notes to see where things stand.

We used to order gcms notes and were satisfied with them.

As regards to wife accompanying, I would suggest you contact ircc and see what they say. I think (personal opinion not legal) whatever you mentioned in your IMM0008 will be applicable. Please check with the visa office to get the correct answer.

Current VO - Sydney

PR AOR - August 27, 2019

MEP - September 17, 2019

Biometrics - September 18, 2019

Marriage - October 18, 2019

Request to add spouse through CSE - November 5, 2019

Submitted requested documents through CSE - November 15, 2019

Submitted additional document through CSE (Marriage certificate) - December 5, 2019

Sometime this January, I was able to call IRCC, and they told me that I have already passed the eligibility and criminality stage.

I was also informed by the IRCC agent that tmy CSEs last Nov 15 were rejected for the reason that no documents were attached on the enquiries (which is weird since I have received acknowledgment emails from them last Nov. 22).

According to the agent, when I sent the Marriage certificate last December 5, that’s the only time they were able to also see the other documents I sent last November.

Until now, my husband is not yet added as a dependent on my CIC account.

So it has already been 4 months since informed IRCC about the change in my marital status and on so March 2, I raised them a CSE about it.

In the CSE, I also asked them if I can expect a PPR soon, since I am also past my 6-month timeline.

They sent a reply on my CSE that goes like this:

"We have verified the information you provided and can confirm that the agent who responded to you on March 3, 2020, took the appropriate actions to follow up on your request.

If you do not receive more information or a decision by April 2, 2020, we invite you to contact us again by using the IRCC Web form available on our website."

Since the agent gave me a specific date, and mentioned the word “decision”, do you think he is talking about a PPR decision? Or just about the change in marital status request? Has anyone experienced this?Please share me your thoughts, thank you!