Spouse Added Post PPR - Feb 2020

Greetings everyone,

I am creating this thread to help all those who wants or will want to add their Spouse to their Canada Application after receiving PPR request.
I will share my timeline and you can share yours in order to help others to understand the scenario.

Age - 29, residing in USA on H1 visa. Got married in Jan 2020 while Canada PR application is pending.
Application received by IRCC on August 23, 2019.

Feb 5: Received email from CPCO to send Passport

Feb 11: Updated IRCC about marital status change through IRCC Web form

Feb 18: Sent Email to IRCC after not receiving reply for over a week Email Sample

Feb 19: Got mail from cic.gc.ca to check back on the portal
On logging in, I was required to upload my Marriage Certificate

Feb 24: Again got mail from cic.gc.ca reading - new message
-There was a new document attached which required basically all the details of my spouse and needs to be submitted within 30 days :sweat:
-deadline is March 25 2020

Mar 7 (Present day):
-completed FBI Fingerprints
-waiting for India PCC (Houston Embassy)
-completing required forms i.e IMM_0008, IMM_5406, etc. and preparing other docs
-planning to get her medical done in advance


Hi @azim1545,

You can also add a link to this thread that is currently tracking active and complete spouse addition cases.

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following . same status



Hope you are doing well!! Did you submit your documents?

I have the similar situation. I’m in the process of collecting all the required documents.
Have couple questions, would you be able to help me.

  1. Cic profile is now allowing to add the additional document and it seems only one single PDF can be attached and less than 5 MB. I feel all the documents and photos add up to more than 5GB. What are the options if we cannot upload all of them in 1 file.

  2. Please let me know if you have any specific format for the questionnaire that the couple have to answer.


Hello! Thank you for the informative timeline. I wanted to ask if you finally got a decision on your application and how long it took from when you upload your spouse’s documents.

Thank you

Hi,My spouse is a PR.I have just received my PPR email. Do I follow the normal Process?

Hello @azim1545,

Hope you doing well!!
I am going to share my PR application processing. I applied for a PR application for myself under the provincial nomination from Winnipeg on March 5th, 2019. It took a whole of one year to get COPR and received a Passport request on March 12th, 2020.

March 5: But I updated CIC about the change in the Marital status on March 3rd, 2020 using the IRCC Web form also attached marriage certificate. Also sent an Email to IRCC that I received in the COPR email.

April 20: I waited & Talked to the CIC Client center about this, as COVID-19 going on so it was updated that none of the officers open the file after issuing COPR.

May 7: I sent all the required forms and documentation to add my spouse to the file. Have not got any response throughout the year.

Jan 6:On January 6th, 2021 there is an update in the CIC portal about adding my dependant.

From that day till today no update yet but Medical is under review. I received GCSM notes as well. My file is under process at CPC Ottawa. It is not forwarded to my province. Almost 23 months about to finish since March 2019.

My question is now: what is your opinion about my file? how long it would take more?

Hope to listen from you.


Hi, i got PPR as spouse non accompanying, but can i request as spouse accompanying now, we would both like to travel together now. Did anyone face such situation.

Hey did u get any information regarding the process. Even i am an expired COPR holder and my spouse is a PPR mail holder. I was asked to pay total fee again for adding spouse but he already is a PPR holder. What do I do?