Urgent help required on NOC

Hi PRs,

I have a total of 11 years of experience. Below is the recent one to oldest order
current - sep 2017 to till date - manager - i have matched with 0125 business service mgr
previous - aug 2014 to sep 2017 - asst. manager - again matches with 0125 business service mgr
previous - apr 2010 to aug 2014 - team lead - matches with 1212
previous - 2007 to 2010 - matches with 1114 - underwriter

do i meet minimum eligibility for FSW in terms of experience? can i claim my recent 2 jobs in 0125? because CIC mentioned that NOC to be claimed in one occupation? please help. its urgent because am about to make huge decisions based on this.


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  1. Yes you can claim same NOC number for two or more roles. During ITA you will list each of these roles separately, along with its associated NOC.

  2. I am not sure about FSW, but for Express Entry they give full points for up to 3 years of foreign experience.


If you’re applying for express entry 3 or more years of work exp should be enough. Meaning you can claim 0125 from 2014 till present and get letters for that (assuming you can get reference letters for that on official letterhead). Sometimes current managers don’t give reference letters and that becomes a problem. You can also split it up into 3 NOCs (0125, 1212, 1114 since all your NOCs have 3+ years of experience either one would suffice) and try to get letters for all before creating the profile and deciding on NOC based on which ones gives you best score (I think anything in class A or class 0 should be OK). You don’t have to get letters before submitting EE profile but if you’re waiting for IELTS date and ECAs might as well get letters beforehand.

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thanks for the reply… it did really help…esp to reduce tension

thank u anshul…btw,am applying for pr now… counting my days… ur comments were very helpful,i read lot of replies from u and vignesh… great job…
i cannot ask for ref letter from current employer, as it will put my job in stake, i have a colleague written ref letter which am gonna notarize… one of the star member in canadavisa.com got pr by dong this… hope everything will be fine…

i had to calculate my score for MEC coz i had mentioned as 10yrs of exp, didnt really notice the requirement of cic ’ primary skill NOC experience ’ which is only 4 yrs for me… so i was perplexed, posted forhelp, re-calculated, i did meet MEC, so now proceeding with my docs work… thanks.