WES evaluation for SCDL (Symbiosis Institute of Distance Learning)

My wife completed her PDGBA from Symbiosis Institute of Distance Learning (SCDL). I verified that SCDL is getting listed within WES as a recognized institution once I create a profile and search for an institution to select. I found in few forums that they had listed that WES is not recognizing PGDBA degree from SCDL. Have anyone got approval or denial from WES for credential evaluation request submitted for SCDL degree?

From what I know it seems they will evaluate it but it does not mean they will say it’s equivalent to a Canadian 4 year college degree. Have you calculated your points are you primary, you might not even need to add her ECA.

I calculated it and there is only a few points difference if I choose my wife’s degree as “Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One must be for a prog of three or more years” vs “Bachelor’s degree”. Do you think I should still go for ECA for my wife? My projected CRS score is around 442 as per the tool. I havent not taken IELTS, but used an average score of 8.

Does you wife have two degree’s or a diploma and a degree of equal standing equivalent to a bachelors or higher? If she does than you should get an ECA done for both and you will receive points for both. I don’t have an idea of your entire profile or hers but in the case it’s similar to each other than you should try the calculator with her as the primary applicant to see who gets you more points. At current draws the cutoff is between 445 and 460.

She has a 3 year Bachelor Degree and then a Post Graduate Dipolma degree. I have a Masters degree. So i am guessing we will get points for her education if we do the ECA. Given that i have a proper Masters degree, i think it will makes sense for me to be the Primary. Let me know your thoughts.

You are partially correct, keep in mind points are also for age, IELTS and work experience so it’s best to use the CIC points calculator and work those out with you and your wife as the primary. In either case yes it would make sense to get her ECA done for both the degree and diploma.

Hey guys, My full name on Password and My degree has little difference like
Forex, My Mother name on Passport is Sujataben (As my birthplace is Gujrat) but on my degree, its Sujata (As per Indian State Maharashtra) will that create any problem for my WES evaluation. I have mentioned Name on WES excluding my Mom Name however my degree shows my full name including mother name.

I didn’t quite get what you meant by “difference like forex”. Why is your mothers name on your degree? Please excuse my ignorance of the structure of your name I’m assuming you mean your mother’s name is your middle name?

WES will pick the name on your transcript they will not change that. If your name on the WES Report and your application are different in any way I would recommend you get an affidative made showing they are of the same person and pointing to things that are similar like date of birth etc.

I would assume checks like name matches are automated and would be flagged for an officer to review.

Hey, Sorry for the spelling mistake by “Forex” i mean for example. As per Mumbai university, they will add mothers name also on the degree so the structure is like “Name+Fathers name+ Surname+Mother name” but on the passport, they mentioned my mother name as per birth certificate.

So there is confusion which name should I mention for WES ?

I am afraid , i am still not getting an answer to the SCDL question. More than the points, i am interested in knowing how the results are from WES for SCDL degrees? Are they recognized as Master’s or a additional qualification after Graduate degree. ? Any help is appreciated

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If institute appears in the list of Wes then usually they recognize it…u can call them and they will say same abt appearing in list…or email them to confirm again abt particular institute… Otherwise try IQAS or BCIT or others which perhaps approve all distance learnings also but take much longer time than wes

WES By default will use the name on the transcript if you need them to use the name on your passport you will have to send over a copy of it and ask them to use that name. I would stick to the name on your passport.

SCDL is UGC recognized so WES Canada should be fine with it. But it is unclear what it evaluates to. From what I know people have had success going with ICAS for distance education. These usually evaluate to a post bachelors diploma. Below is the list of what ICAS recognizes.

  1. Qualifications awarded by institutions which were recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) at the time of admission

  2. Progs recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) at the time of admission

  3. Distance education progs recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) or UGC at the time of your admission

  4. Qualifications awarded by State Boards of Technical Education

@anon25417004 Does a post bachelors diploma/certificate have to be of a minimum duration( like 12 months) in order to get points ?
I am talking about the kind of scenario with one bachelor’s(B tech) and one certificate course(with transcript).

It’s up to WES Canada to evaluate it. This is what the CRS points system says about this. It seems the the certificate would work and provide you with a total of 25 points. If you get a CLB 9 in the IELTS then that would become 50 points.

Two or more post-secondary prog credentials AND at least one of these credentials was issued on completion of a post-secondary prog of three years or longer

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Hey @Venkatesh…

Did u get a final verdict from WES on SCDL PGDBM scoring that it qualifies for claiming " “Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees."

I am keenly interested in this as i have similar situation for my wife.

Reply here or at rohitsheen@gmail.com

Thanks mate!!

Yes i did get a response from SCDL. They did not recognize the degree. I have applied for IQAS also. Have not heard from them yet.

Hi… I’m also in the same situation. I have done my 3 years bachelors’ and then PGDBA from scdl. Please let me know if this gets recognised by IQAS.

Sure will do. It normally takes about 10 to 12 weeks to get a response from IQAS. I had applied for the ECA in the 1st week of June. It took them almost 4 weeks to open my envelope to start the processing. I am excepting a response by end of October. Will keep you all posted.


Hi Venkatesh,

i have the similar case. I have 3 years of bachelor degree in commerce, along with PGDBA from SCDL. I am also not sure if this PGDBA will be considered for CRS calculation or not. If I count this as YES - my CRS score shows to 444 (considering IELTS score as 8), but if this PGDBA considered as NO - my score goes drastically down to 411. I would highly appreciate if you can share you contact details (email address, phone number etc) so that i can contact you for more discussion. i can be reached at 8010639284, or suri.bisht06@gmail.com. I also wanting to ECA through IQAS.