What compromises did you make after moving to Canada from US (Apart from Total Compensation)?

Hi All,

We are planning our move to Canada sometime next year.We have been in US for 12 years , so we are kind of excited but apprehensive about the move. Ultimately every county has its pros and cons, and you have to compromise on somethings to gain somethings.The most common trade off for many seems to be between peace of mind and high TC. So I was curious to know what other compromises did people make after making the move.For us, we will potentially we compromising on

1) Number of Job opportunities (compared to US).

2) A single family house with a nice backyard. (The real estate market in Vancouver is crazy and single family homes with a back yard seem to be in short supply in suburbs around Vancouver).

3) Moving away from a established support system of friends and family. Most of our friends and family in US are on a green card or are US citizens.This part has been especially difficult, but ultimately peace of mind is more imp for us.

Edit:I am aware of all the pros in Canada, just curious to know what people “gave up” .

Except for a big circle of friends I could visit every weekend (hoping to build at least a smaller network here in Toronto in the near future), I’m gonna unashamedly say, mostly materialistic wants. Cheap flights, awesome Mexican food, going to tennis tournaments, to name a few.

+1 to what siddEE mentioned.

We miss a lot of popular food chains (Olive Garden, Cava etc), but Toronto area has more than what’s needed to make up for it. (Thai restaurants here are better than ones in the US, IMO).

Probably the proximity or ability to visit to US National Parks is something to be missed, but post COVID, travel is out of consideration at least for now. Had it been a regular summer for us, we’d have probably missed the usual summer travel within the US we’d do because of comparatively cheaper travel options (road trip / flight tickets).

Other than these two, I don’t know what else do we feel like we gave up.

  1. @siddEE 100% agreed. Good Mexican food, Mucho burrito doesn’t cut it.
  2. Buying wine at Costco, here we have to make a separate trip to LCBO in Ontario.
  3. Friends but many of them also ended up relocating to other cities or counties over the years anyway, not sure if I can count that.
  4. Moving away from family was at a much larger scale when moving from India to US, US to Canada move pales in comparison, at least for me personally.

Yes the housing market is very competitive, the prices are sky high and still pushing higher. If you are moving form a cheaper housing market in the US, this might be a real concern for you. The demand for houses are very high here.

Yes and +1 to @ntn for Olive Garden, that one is not here apparently.

+1 for buying wine at costco., I will have slight disagreement on points regarding tourism.
Ontario (and in General, Canada) is highly under-advertised for the beauty and breathtaking tourist spots it has.

Ontario itself has some of the best lakes and camping sites in NA. We had been to Sudbury last month (yes, it was a risky proposition), and each of the lakes, hikes are second to none.
No one knows about them, and that’s the good part, let it stay unexplored.

There are so many similar tourist spots like Sudbury throughout Ontario, and Atlantic coasts. Wish Covid gets over soon, and we all get back to exploring more of Canada.


That’s great to know. Probably we’ll need a thread for sharing places to explore around Toronto/Vancouver/Calgary/Montréal. :slightly_smiling_face:

For us it was the weather - we moved from California to Toronto and it was hard to settle for a long winter. I also miss the Farmers market scene and the availability of fresh food all around the year.

For people who are craving good Mexican food in Toronto, Kensington Market has some really good options. Tacos from Seven Lives are better than any place we’ve tried in California. El Trompo is another of our fav.

For Travel in Ontario - Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula in stunning, Algonquin Park in the Fall is beautiful. In the past summers, we’ve gone to Montreal, you get such a different vibe there and took a train all the way to Quebec City which gives you a feel of Europe with the castles and cobblestone streets.

The only gripe I have is you have to travel far to get to nature while in Cal nature was just in your backyard.

I agree with @ntn we need to start a thread just to share places to eat and travel :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing everyone!