What to do while waiting for IELTS

Hi folks,

I have booked my IELTS date which is a month away. I am trying to figure out what else can I do while waiting for IELTS test (other than prepare for IELTS). Also, can someone point me to a “detailed check-list” or “Things to do for filing Express entry” Post if there is one.

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Hi @fzansari,

Please check the response from @anon25417004 on the following post:

  1. I would suggest that you start your ECA right away since that will take at least a month.

  2. If you have worked in companies before, start reaching out to the HRs of those companies to get experience letters from them. This might take a while depending on how co-operative those companies are.

  3. Begin the process for getting police verification done for all countries where you have lived in. In the US, FBI currently takes about 14-16 weeks + time for mail delivery so you may want to start that right away.

It’s better to have a few things going in parallel otherwise it will take you way too long to get in your application for EE.

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Thanks a lot @mrandmrs. Few follow-up questions. Feel free to point me elsewhere if this has been answered.

  1. I have around10 years of experience. But is showing any 3 years of experience letter enough?
  2. Can you point me where should I request police verification letters in US from?

I am not sure whether that is enough. I have approximately 10 years of experience too and I have gathered experience letters from all my previous companies. If you can do the same, that would be better.

Here’s a link for the FBI process to get the verification done:

You would need to get your inked fingerprints on the form mentioned in the link and then send them to the FBI for processing.

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@mrandmrs - based on the link you shared it says about online option of request submitted though online has a timeline of 3-5 days.

While searching found this link. Its online all the options

Back when I applied, there was no online processing available for FBI. It took me 4 months to get my FBI PCC. Online FBI processing was introduced earlier this year. You can search the forum for FBI EDO and you should be able to find relevant threads where people did EDO and got the results quickly :slight_smile:

Hey @mrandmrs Btw did you get your PR yet? How long did it take after submitting your ITA application to get your PR?

I submitted my docs on Apr 10 so still waiting for the PR. I am guessing it takes 3 months but I’ll post an update once I know for sure.

Thanks @mrandmrs. I sumitted my ITA application on May 2nd. Any idea on the timeline for each of those things listed as part of the review process. For eg. I see things like - Medical, reviewing your application, biometrics etc.

Did you get any updates on any step yet?

@mrandmrs what’s the avg time it takes to get Indian police verification done from US.

This is what I see for my application currently. I think the medical exam review took 3 weeks (I don’t remember the exact date as I don’t check my application every day and CIC doesn’t send an update).
Application status: We are processing your application. We will send you a message when there is an update or if we need more information from you.
Review of eligibility: We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
Review of medical results: You passed the medical exam.
Review of additional documents: We are reviewing the additional documents you provided.
Interview: You do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes.
Biometrics: We do not need your fingerprints. We will send you a message if this changes.
Background check: Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.
Final decision: Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.

I did my Indian PCC in India and it took around 10 days. I think it takes less than a week in the Indian Consulates in the US. You can check the updates about the different consulates on the Police Clearance Certificate thread.

@rush2sanjib1 . It depends on where you passport was renewed. Me and my wife got our passport renewed in SF, so it took 2 weeks precisely for the process.

The Consulate folks told me it’s easier if the passport is renewed in US, they dont have to do all the steps in that case.

@fzansari - Around 3 months back i renewed my password from Huston so i assume it will same for me as well when i go for police verification . Thanks for details.

While submitting the documents do i need to give copy of old password as well as need one doesn’t have any Visa stamped.

No, you dont need old passport. And if your passport is renewed in US, they won’t even keep it. Just verify the forms /passport and return the passport to you immediately.

For eg. my passport is renewed in SF and I went to SF consulate for PCC, so they already have enough data and dont keep the passport


I have a CRS score of 445 and I have applied for PR along with my wife and 4 year old daughter. While I wait for the application to be picked what kind of preparation do you suggest 1 has to do ?

Applied for PR or submitted EE profile?

See What to do while waiting for IELTS