What to do while waiting for IELTS


Hi folks,

I have booked my IELTS date which is a month away. I am trying to figure out what else can I do while waiting for IELTS test (other than prepare for IELTS). Also, can someone point me to a “detailed check-list” or “Things to do for filing Express entry” Post if there is one.


Hi @fzansari,

Please check the response from @vik on the following post:

  1. I would suggest that you start your ECA right away since that will take at least a month.

  2. If you have worked in companies before, start reaching out to the HRs of those companies to get experience letters from them. This might take a while depending on how co-operative those companies are.

  3. Begin the process for getting police verification done for all countries where you have lived in. In the US, FBI currently takes about 14-16 weeks + time for mail delivery so you may want to start that right away.

It’s better to have a few things going in parallel otherwise it will take you way too long to get in your application for EE.


Thanks a lot @mrandmrssolapurkar. Few follow-up questions. Feel free to point me elsewhere if this has been answered.

  1. I have around10 years of experience. But is showing any 3 years of experience letter enough?
  2. Can you point me where should I request police verification letters in US from?


I am not sure whether that is enough. I have approximately 10 years of experience too and I have gathered experience letters from all my previous companies. If you can do the same, that would be better.

Here’s a link for the FBI process to get the verification done:

You would need to get your inked fingerprints on the form mentioned in the link and then send them to the FBI for processing.