Work Experience


Hi All,

Have few questions

  1. My wife is the primary applicant. She has 5 year experience as High School teacher (English) till 2014 in India. Can we show this experience only?
  2. IT experience - She worked for 2 American companies for 7 months and 5 months respectively in US as full time and both the companies do not give experience letters to the candidate but can reply to fax request.
  3. She has been working in another US company as full time employee as business analyst for last 2 years.
  4. Can claim work experience for all the above? NOCs are different for all the them above.


We had similar kind of case. My wife is primary, she has 3+ years of English teacher experience in India , 2+ years bank teller experience in US and some other odd jobs . We claimed points for teaching experience only and rest we put in personal history. Applied in November, waiting on final decision.



So you for ITA for 3+ year teaching experience which was not within 1 year? Did you mention only school teaching experience in pre ITA profile?



I did not understand the first question but for 2nd question : yes! that’s correct. Pre-ITA we mentioned teaching exp only because that was the only option where we could have claimed points. Rest of the job experiences were not enough.

Ok I get it now, what did you ask in first question. Yes that was way back in 2014 (prior moving to US). All they need is continuous work experience related to one single NOC. Doesn’t matter whether it is recent or old.



Thank you so much.