Adding Spouse to the PR application which is in Progress

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I have submitted my PR application as divorce on August 17 2018 and I got remarried in Jan 2019 and recently i got an email to send my passport and also let them know if any changes to marital status. SInce I am married now, I notified them about the marriage by emailing and calling the CIC agent. The CIC agent has sent below email. Did someone go through this process and submitted below documents to add the spouse to PR application? I went through the forms and not sure if i need to Generica application Form IMM 0008 or only IMM0008DEP, IMM 5669 and IMM 5406 Suffice. It would be a big help if someone can share your experiences or any information you might have in this regard.

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Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. As discussed, you will find below complementary information to our conversation:

After applying for permanent residence under the Economic class - Adding a family member

If you are the principal applicant of a permanent residence application already in process, you could add your spouse or common-law partner, dependent children, and their dependent children to your application, even if they were listed as a non-accompanying dependant in the initial application.

To do so, we invite you to send your add-on request through the IRCC webform available on our website. You can attach the following forms and documents in the field reserved to that effect:

Useful tips

  • If you need information to fill out the forms, please consult the Fill out the forms section of the instruction guide found in the application kit that you have initially used to apply.
  • If the newly eligible family member is a spouse, common-law partner or dependent child who is already a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, only a copy of the birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of common-law relationship and a letter of explanation are required.
  • It may be impossible to add a member of your family to the application if a final decision has already been made.

We hope you will find this information helpful.

Your add-on request will be evaluated by the responsible office. You will be contacted when a decision will be made or if further information is required.


I too am currently in the process of adding my spouse. I had the same situation as you when my passport request came. Got married and before updating my application I got the PPR email. I sent the passport alongwith updating them about my marital status. They said they won’t stamp it till they process the addition so I requested it back. I filled out all the forms and also sent upfront medicals of my wife. Now waiting for PPR2.

Here’s my thread Travelling to India and getting married after AOR

Did you submit the medicals before they requested ? Can you please share what all the forms you have submitted please? How did you submit medicals for your wife before they submitted?

Yes we just scheduled a medical exam for ircc with our clinic that is approved by ircc (I live in Dallas, Texas so it was Neighborhood Medical). And we got a confirmation page from them which we uploaded.

As far as forms submitted we gave the following doc’s:

Birth certificate
Passport all pages of spouse
Marriage certificate
Letter of explanation
Proof of payment

We used the ircc webform to send all the documents. Took us 4 separate queries.

Thanks for the clarification. SO the clinic did not ask for any letter for wife from IRCC? I will also get the wife’s medicals done in this case. Also, if you don’t mind, can u share the sample letter of LOE ? I was married in January but was busy with getting my wife to usa and i was not sure if i had to update the CIC about marriage as initially i was planning to go to canada by myself and settle there first and then apply for my wife but recently got email from cic to send passport and update them if any marital status change at which point i have updated them. I hope they wont see it as an issue and hoping for best. Also, when did you submit the docs and did you get any response back from CIC and did you get any update that your wife passed the medicals?

Hello Prasan…can u share a sample LOE to add Wife if you have one or can u give a brief overview what are the different points i need to include in the LOE? I am almost done with all docs and working on LOE and any info in this regard will be a great help to me. Thanks in advance.

Hello @waiting1234 I was following this thread to help myself as well… How did you later go about this??
I received similar message and im about getting the documents.
Can you help me with what documents you uploaded and what you included in the LOE?
Thanks alot !

@Coded. Below are the list of documents I have been asked.

  1. Processing fee and Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) for your spouse or CLP
    If your spouse or CLP intends to accompany you to Canada at this time, a processing fee of $550 and a
    RPRF of $490 must be paid for their application. The payment of these fees must be made online:
     Go to our Online Payment webpage;
     Read the instructions on each page, and click “Continue” to proceed;
     Select the “Immigration” link, followed by the category in which you applied for permanent
     Enter the number of fee payments (1) in the box beside the corresponding fee;
     Click “Submit”.
    Once the payment process is complete, the web site will display your official receipt in PDF format.
    Please upload your receipt directly to your MyCIC account.
  2. A recent photograph of your spouse or common-law partner (CLP)
    The photograph must be taken accordingly to our specifications.
  3. Forms
     Updated Generic Application Form for Canada IMM 0008 for yourself and your spouse or
    common-law partner (CLP);
     Updated Additional Family Information Form IMM 5406 for yourself and your spouse or
    common-law partner (CLP);
     A completed and signed by your spouse or common-law partner (CLP)Schedule A Background/
    Declaration IMM 5669;
     Supplementary Information Your Travels form IMM5562 E for your spouse or common-law
    partner (CLP);
     If applicable: A completed and signed IMM4509 Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union.
  4. Documents
     Copy of your spouse’s or CLP’s birth certificate;
     Copy of your spouse’s or CLP’s valid passport;
     If applicable: Copy of your marriage certificate;
     If your spouse or CLP was previously married, copy of their divorce certificate.
  5. Police certificate
    We require a scanned copy of a police certificate for all countries where your spouse or CLP has lived for
    more than 6 months since the age of 18 years. Please ensure that they have obtained these certificates
    after their stay in these countries.
  6. Please provide a completed Principal Applicant Relationship Assessment Questionnaire &
    Spouse Relationship Assessment Questionnaire (attached).
  7. Evidence of the relationship between you and your spouse, such as:
  • Relationship photos: Wedding photographs depicting all the rituals of a traditional wedding,
    wedding reception and post wedding photographs, commitment ceremony photos from outings
    together trips, honeymoon, etc. (10–15 photos max);
  • If you are living together, evidence such as copy of bills, bank statements, lease agreement,
    drivers licenses showing your names and address (10–15 pages max).
  1. Medical certificate
    Your spouse or common-law partner (CLP) and their dependent children, whether or not they will be
    accompanying you to Canada, will have to undergo a medical examination by an authorized CIC panel
    physician. We will send you the appropriate forms upon receipt and review of the documents listed above.
    If you have already completed the Immigration medical examination, please provide proof of completion.
  2. Proof of Settlement Funds
    You must provide proof of settlement funds by submiitting your bank statements. Your settlement funds
    must represent the amount required for the updated number of family members.
    Please note:
    Please note that the requested information/documents must be received within 30 days from the date of
    this correspondence. Please upload these documents to your MyCIC account.
    Please note that we can only accept unzipped PDF, JPG or .doc files that are attached to an email,
    totaling less than 5 MB.
    If we do not receive the information/documents within 30 days, your application will be assessed based
    on the information we have on file, meaning your application could be refused as incomplete.
    Please note that documents in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by English

In LOE, I just explained my situation that i got married while my application was under processing and recently got an email to submit the passport and also to update on marital status change at which point i have reached out to CIC and they have asked to submit the below docs which i am submitting to add my spouse to the application. Feel free to ask any questions you might have during the process of adding spouse. My application is not approved yet but will be more then happy to share any information i have.

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hey sir ,
can you please suggest me which form i have to fill on my behalf and which document she have to fill on her behalf

Dear all,
I am in same situation. Uploaded almost all the required documents but still confused what document to upload for the section “Observations”. Can anyone help please?

Hello Prasan,
Am in the same spot as you were last year.
I got married while my PR application is in progress. I did updated IRCC about the marital status change.

IRCC has asked me to send all the documents that you just mentioned. While filling out IMM0008, under UCI for spouse - what should I fill ? My wife doesn’t have one.
Also without UCI, how can I get upfront medicals done for her ?

Please help me. IRCC gave me a hard time line of 30 days. Thank you a ton

PS: @prasan @waiting1234 @Coded @RS0 @Doubts123. Please guide me.

Hi Avinash,

I left the UCI number field blank in my 0008 form. You don’t need UCI to get your upfront medicals done we did it in Dallas, TX and they didn’t ask for UCI.

Hi sorry I am seeing this message only today. I’m not really sure what they mean by observations. Were you able to get this resolved?

Hi can you please tell me how did you send the passport and to which address

@avinash @prasan please let me know how to send them the passport back as I am in a same situation


You will have to wait for IRCC to send you another “Request for Visa” email before you can send them your passport. If they had sent one before you informed IRCC about spouse addition that email is invalid now that the status is changed. If your passport is already in cic office and you’ve informed them of spouse addition you can raise a web form query asking them to return your passport and they will do so.

@prasan thank you for the response I got married after COPR and informed them about martial status change. I received a mail to update the documents for spousal details like mentioned in the thread by @Coded and asked to return passport so I don’t know to where do I return the passport and how … please help

I’m in the same phase as you were in the past. I got married while my background check is in progress. And am asked to submit the same list of documents as you listed.

My application was in background check stage for 6 months. Now that am submitting my spouse’s documents, will that take another 6 months ? Please share your experience.

@waiting1234 @prasan @Doubts123
Thank you all.

Honestly the timeline varies depending on the office processing. But, I know for sure that if they process your file in their Montreal office it will take a long time, it’s notorious for it. My file was processed there.