Adding Spouse to the PR application which is in Progress

Huh okay. Thank you Prasan for responding so quick, as always.
Have a great day.

@here I am in the same boat guys. Started a new thread here: Spouse Added Post PPR - Feb 2020. So, planning to post my updates for future reference for anyone who is or will be in the same situation. Good Luck!

Section 3 - says " IMM0008 for yourself and your spouse".
I included spouse details in the dependent section. Should spouse also fill out another form with same details ?
Please suggest.

Thank you
@waiting1234 @prasan @Coded

No need for spouse to fill a separate copy of imm0008



I have informed cic about my marriage and they have sent me the same list of document to be uploaded in my cic account. But the problem is they made only one space to upload my document called “Observation”. Just wondering how I can upload all my document in the observation field? Please suggest.

hey @prasan,
Which version of imm5669e form did you submit ? I just found out that there are 2 versions.
Version 1:
Version 2:
The second version seems to be the newer one with the barcode thingie. Let me know! Thanks!

Good evening I just added my spouse and have all documents. Pls how do I upload the forms ie Imm008 and the rest. I have merged other documents in pdf format. But the other forms ie Imm008 and the likes can’t be merged cos it can’t be opened as it is passworded. Any email to attach it or what’s your advice. Thank you

I am also in the same situation. Were you able to figure it out ? Not sure how to combine IMM008 and IMM5669e.

Also, did you submit IMM5669e or EIMM5669e ? Please let me know. Thanks!

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Hi you can print it as pdf and then use that document to merge. I did it the same way.

Hi. Can anyone guide me, how do i know which office is processing my application? Also what is the average processing time once i add spouse to my application.

Hello Everyone,
I recieved an invite via express entry and was asked to submit my passport etc. I made a request to add a common law partner. They have shared a list of documents and all the information requested is a repeat for me. Do i need to share all the information from scratch or just my updates alongside my partner’s details?( I have 1 travel update and no residential updates)
Thank you so much for all your help :slight_smile:

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Hello @avinash and @prasan

I am in the same boat as you were in Feb and @prasan was in last year. I got married while my PR application was in progress and it still is, but I wanted to add my spouse to my application. I have read this thread and few others on this blog but wanted to ask both of you (anyone else who can help as well)

  • if I add him on my application does my score go down? or once a score is accepted, Canadian government does not reassess it?
  • is my husband required to give IELTS to apply as a dependent with me or that is not needed?
  • I saw the list of the documents that were listed by you and @prasan - is there anything else needed?
  • For Police Verification, my husband lives in Boston,MA from last 4 years; so we can get it from there but do we need to get it from India as well?
  • If we take this route both of us get PR at the same time ?

Thank you in advance and any help and guidance is much appreciated.

Waiting for the response

  1. Yes, your score will go down once you add your spouse to your existing express entry profile
  2. If you want to add your husband to your existing Express entry application, then yes he has to write IELTS. If you want to sponsor him later as a dependent in family sponsorship class, then IELTS is not required
  3. NA
  4. Any country you husband has lived since 18 years (check this one) for more than 6 months, PCC will be required
  5. Yes, but likely your PR will be delayed because the decision has to be reevaluated based on a new applicant (PCC, medicals, education, funds etc. etc. etc.)

Hi Sanah,

  1. If you already have an AOR then no your score will not be re-evaluated. If you’re still in the pool waiting for an ITA then yes.

  2. If you have an AOR then no your husband need not give IELTS. My wife didn’t as I had gotten my AOR already.

  3. Not to my recollection

  4. You would need it from any country your husband has lived for more than 6 months in the last 10 years or from his 18th birthday whichever is less. That is true of both of you and doesn’t matter at which stage the application is.

  5. Once your spouse is added to the application it will be evaluated as one so yes you would both get your COPR at once. We did and we moved to Canada this June together.

Since I couldn’t figure out if you have already gotten your AOR or you’re still waiting for your ITA few of the answers are conditional. If you have not submitted your PR application (in response to the ITA) then your husband needs to give IELTS and you will then add him to your Express Entry application which will get your scores re-evaluated.

Hi Nick,

So I have already submitted my documents to IRCC and have received an AOR (Acknowledgement receipt) from them.
I am not sure if you read another response from Prasan who had a similar case and his wife didn’t give IELTS and their score also remained the same as per his response.

I want to make sure you understand my situation and where I stand in the process right now.
When you said he needs to give the IELTS and score will be re-evaluated , did you thought that I have not submitted my application yet?


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Hi Prasan,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I did get an invitation to apply and also once I submitted my documents received an AOR in late Feb. I informed IRCC about my marriage but have received no response from them yet. I was not sure of if I can add my husband to my current application or have to sponsor him later. But adding him now makes more sense and will save time as well.

  1. So as per your case I don’t think he needs to give IELTS and my score will remain the same (am i right?)
  2. I read you were living in USA as well, did you give Police certificates from India(I am guessing you are from India) and USA both? and how to get this certificate from India if he is not living there. Is this something where the Indian Embassy can help ?

Really appreciate your help.


It seems like if one already has received ITA then the points will not be recalculated.
I did not know that. I stand corrected…

I think @prasan is correct. He has gone through the process, whereas my response was purely from what I knew, which seems to be incorrect.

Thanks @prasan

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Regarding police certificate:

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Hi Sanah,

  1. Since you have your AOR already, when you add your spouse you do not need to submit IELTS score for him. I did not submit it for my wife althought she gave her IELTS general because we didn’t know what documents to give

  2. I gave police certificates from India and US. My wife only gave from India as when we added her she was only 3 weeks in US so they never asked her US PCC throughout the process. To get the Indian PCC you would have to reach the nearest Indian consulate. I was in Dallas back then so I had to apply for it at Houston consulate. Every consulate has their own process and it usually takes a week to 10 days. There would be posts in this forum where people have applied in consulates which applies for your husband. Also, please check @nik 's post for detailed PCC requirements :slight_smile:

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I got my Indian PCC from SFO Consulate and it took appx 4 weeks back in 2018. I am assuming it might take longer in Covid-era. US PCC was easier to get and I received the certificate within 2 weeks.