After US Degree, does indian btech degree also needed for WES?

Hi, I am new to the forum and have read a lot of posts here. I have an MS degree from US and a Bachelor of engg. degree from India. I read on the forum that if you have a US degree, you don’t need to provide under grad. attested degree to WES for education validation. If this stands true, is there any other stage in the PR process where under grad. attested copies would be required?Thanks.

It is not required as wes will confirm that you have a masters and to have a masters an undergrad is a prereq. I would suggest to get both degrees evaluated as you can get both degrees evaluated in one price. If at a later stage you wish to evaluate your bachelors (say you need a PEng Designation) then you will have to pay again to wes to get it done.

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Thank you adilv. The reason why i was asking about UG evaluation being i am in the US currently and there is no seamless process for me to get attested copy of my UG degree. Can you elaborate on PEng Designation and what it can be used for? In addition, if i do need to get UG attested by WES, then do i just need to get the degree or all the semester 1-8 marksheets in addition to degree? So a total of 9 sealed documents would need to be sent to WES? Thank you.

Any engineering profession which is regulated will require PEng to practice.

Strictly for PR reasons you should be alright if you went ahead with just masters evaluation.

Perfect. For now, the aim is just for PR purpose. Thanks again.

Hi folks - do we need WES evaluation for a Masters of PhD obtained from a US institution? (for PR process)


@avj - thanks! I asked since there are some threads on the forum where people with US MS/ degrees spoke about getting WES evaluation, which is the reason for confusion.

Also, with a US MS / PhD, what do we answer in the field on ‘cred evaluation’ equivalent section on the Express Entry form online? Just leave it blank?

I know these are supposed to be self-explanatory, but with the myriad of mis-information, I would like to get this sorted out, so that anyone who does read this will get the proper info.

So what do we submit in the ECA section under EE,

I already chose NO once and my first application got denied saying my profile was ineligible.

If you have PhD ECA you don’t need Masters ECA, if you have Masters ECA u dont need Bachelors ECA. You can get them if you want but u dont need them. This has been mentioned in Are you new to this forum? READ ME FIRST! 🙂

Thanks Anshul.

Underlying was a trivial mistake where I forgot that there exists a WES Canada :slight_smile:

Just to follow up on this- does your masters have to be a certain duration to get max points?
I have an undergrad in OT FROM India and masters in OT from the US…
if I get an ECA for both bachelors and masters- will I get more points vs if I just send in my masters ECA?

You get points only for the higher degree…

For example - we only sent the most recent degree (MS for me, PhD for my wife), when we sent to WES Canada for evaluation. (we added all other degrees under the ‘Personal History’ section)

As to your question around OT (Occupational Therapy?), I’ll leave it to folks with relevant background to answer.

Below sections should help in answering your queries as well.

Hope this helps.