Background Check taking more time than usual


No I havent ordered gmcs notes until now… Came across someone who is waiting for 10 months already… So i thought 8 months is still better off then there r ppl waiting for 9 months.

My profile has enough exp, sufficient funds, also my sibling is a Canadian pr but i believe they have their own ways to analyse.

I have worked for various employers worldwide that could be one reason taking so long for the background check.

Let’s see i will keep everyone updated on the group whatever comes… Keeping fingers crossed


GCMS notes might help you to check the status of your application.
80% of applications are processed with in 6 months.
If the processing time takes more than 6 months, you can contact IRCC.

you can get gcms notes from applygcms


we ordered in nov …as per GCMS everything looks okay but background and security hasn’t started.

we will order another set this month.
On contacting IRCC , its a general reply that some applications take time.



Can you please send the link where you apply for GCMS notes. The GCMS notes application in the CIC website says that it cannot be applied by Residents outside Canada. Just FYI, I live in India.

I am sorry to bother you if the link is already available elsewhere in the forum. I could’nt find it. Thanks in Advance!!

#187 u can order through this website

Refer for more info


You can get your GCMS notes from



I had applied for my E- PR application Express entry through PNP ( I already got nominted) in from Ontario on July 28th 2018. I called them and asked where is my application process standing and they told me that they are reviewing my eligibility requirements and Processing my background check since September. I have passed the medical exam and Security Check. I am wondering any who had sent in their application during the same time where does their process stand.

Thank you,


Submitted app September 11th.
Got PPR today, January 15th.
Only status change I got in between was ‘Medicals Passed’.
Stay optimistic y’all.


Congratulations. Thank you for the update.


Congrats @acheema. How much time was between AOR and Medical passed?



Congratulations, did you have any dependents on your application ?


That’s great news! Can you please give ur timelines and also type of application and number of dependants


CRS: 1038 (OINP)
Marital Status: Single
Dependents: 0
AOR: Sept 12th
Medicals Passed: Oct 12th
PPR: Jan 15th


Congrats @acheema


Congrats and thanks for the update!


Thnx a lot for the info @acheema


Congrats… thanks for the update.