Background Check taking more time than usual


thanks. I have applied for Canada express entry PR. Your comment mentions “Australia”. Is it a typo?


Canadian Express Entry uses eMedical. Their tech team is based out of the Australia.


gotcha…thanks for clarification.
I got another medical done yesterday and thinking about uploading it via webform (don’t want to take chance if cic doesn’t find all my reports on eMedical). Do you think it will be a good idea or should I hold on?


Did you get the new medical done at the same place? That shouldn’t have been needed and if those guys screwed up the first one they are likely to screw this one again.

You can upload the new one through webform, however at this point I don’t know if the outcome will be different.


yea I got it done from the same place. I don’t think they screwed it up. Actually there is more to it.
Six months before applying for express entry, I used the same medical to apply for Canada work permit and successfully got the same. I researched on internet (confirmed with hospital as well) and found that there is no difference between medical for work permit & PR and same medical can be used multiple times within an year, so I used the same medical.
But this decision turned out to be the spoiler :=(
I will upload the new medical via web form tomorrow. I am not sure what exactly to write in the message column so that they add it to my existing file.


On a different note, Why do you need medical for work permit ?


Its required if the work permit applied is of more than 6 months


Indian, applying from USA.
CRS Score : 453
e-AOR : October 16, 2018
Medicals passed : Nov 14, 2018
Received a message from the portal : “How to find a job in Canada” on Dec 20,2018

Status since Dec 20, 2018 : Background check -We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.

Anyone else who is in the same time-line & any idea on when I’ll receive PPR?


It’s like my profile is a almost a mirror image of yours. IN in USA, 456, AOR-19 Oct, exact same BGC information showing on my profile too, though I have no idea what stage of the process we are in. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I’m also playing the waiting game patiently. :crossed_fingers:


@Prag We’re on a similar timeline. Our AOR was Sep 7th though. Still waiting for PPR request.


@acheema Congrats! Our AOR was Sep 7th. We are still waiting for our PPR, which we hope would be soon.


Any idea on where they have reached in terms of processing PPR based on the AOR date?


Aor on may 7

Back ground check in progress for 8 months.

Still waiting for ppr… Anyone around same time time


@Prag We have MyImmiTracker and it says that PPRs are being generated for FSW-Outland cases for which AORs that were received between Sep 13th and Nov 27th. Since we received AOR before Sep 13th, we are a little worried.


Can you send me that link? Thanks.


It also depends on the visa office…where ur file is and how fast they can process




Where did you apply from and was it through PNP?


I applied as fsw express entry profile
My aor came on may 7
Medicals were cleared on may 15
Background check in progress
Still waiting ppr lets see its been a very long wait

Anyone in the same boat as me


Were you asked for any additional documents?