Background Check taking more time than usual


I ordered through a couple of times.
It was fast, and they responded to my emails quickly.
would definitely recommend


My application is in the following state:

I also got a response from CIC for my enquiry, saying:
" Your application is currently being processed at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The responsible office is currently reviewing the application and documents submitted to determine if you and your family members if applicable meet the eligibility requirements under the class for which you have applied. You can expect to be contacted if additional information is necessary."

Could someone help me understand what stage of the process this is?


@siddEE It is difficult to say.

But, when did you send your e-APR? and when did you get the last update on your account?


How did you contact them for this information? I know that mine & your profile are exactly similar.


Hi Prag, you would have to use this form to contact them


Anecdotal evidence suggests that these days because of the number of applications, theapplication processing after AOR is taking more than usual time. If you haven’t yet completed 3-4 months after AOR you probably need to wait, with one eye on your application status and another one on you inbox for possible PPR mail. If you’ve waited 6 months or so then you can request for status of your application as the normal processing time is 6 months.


My AOR was 19th Oct. I think my account has been showing the same for about a month or so. Since Christmas time I’ve been seeing the same thing in my background check row.


It is going to take time. My aor is sept 23rd and i have been in ip2 stage since Nov 25. If you check immitracker most people from Aug and Sept are still getting PPRs. So wait until 6 months and then contact them.


Yes, I agree. The only reason I contacted them was to find out which location my file is being processed at. It’s probably a good idea to play the waiting game until my 6-month timeline elapses.


One more thing to note is online status may not necessarily be current. That’s why it’s important to look out for the “Ready for visa” PPR mail. Keep checking junk/spam folders regularly.


@avj I don’t think that CIC will issue a PPR without asking for the RPRF (Right to Permanent Residence Fee). For people that still have to pay it, it would come first. And, the RPFR is something that can be seen in the applicant’s account.


I don’t know if things have changed, but when I submitted my application, I paid the RPRF and the application processing fee together. I don’t remember if there was a choice to select/deselect the RPRF, but it is refundable anyway so I paid then and there. I don’t know how many people on this forum choose to defer it.


By the way just got PPR email this morning




thanks Anshul :slight_smile: You are one of the reasons in this process as well


Oh wow! How cool is that?!! Congratulations.


Oh wow congrats… Ur timeline plz


@rjtbansal Congratulations first of all!

How long did you have to wait after submitting the e-APR? and also, what complications did you have? any ADR’s?


Thanks all. You can check the entire timeline of my case on immitracker:

@macr no complications. Just ADR for imm5406 additional family info 12 days ago.


IRCC got back to me today when I sent a web inquiry about my e-APR because it was on pending review for more than 3 months.

They said:

We verified the information you provided regarding the processing times of your application and have forwarded it to the responsible office.

They will contact you if further information is required or if a decision is made on your application.

I hope this helped put my application onto some agents visibility and they can get back to me soon.