Background Check taking more time than usual




Congratulations !


Even I had to pay RPRF fee at the time of submission, I didn’t have a choice. I’ll be completing 6 months since AOR on 20th February and no update since medical passed. Not very concerned as my H1B life in US has just kicked off but it’d be interesting to know what’s the hold up.


Hi @macr how much time did IRCC took to reply and what’s your AOR date? As per their web form they have stated that they won’t reply if its withing the processing time.

Keep us posted if you get more update .


My AOR was in July 2018.

IRCC response took 4 days.


Ok, thanks!!


Hello All,

Just thought to share this update, I got my PPR on January 31, 2019.
AOR was August 15, 2018 - took over 5 months, but the wait was worth it!

Best of luck to all who are in the waiting game!


Congrats! right on time though, your e-APR did not go through any unusual delay.




Many Congratulations!!


Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:



My AOR is Nov 28 2018, currently in “we are processing you background check”… meds passed last Dec 13 as per gckey, also BGC started last Dec 13. How long do you think before PPR? Thank you


Heartiest Congratulations. We got on the same day.


We got our PR . Here’s the timeline:-
AOR:- July 7 , 2018
Meds passed:- July 24, 2018
IP1:- July 24 , 2018
IP 2:- Jan 15 , 2019
PPR:- Jan 21 , 2019.
Waited a little over 6 months and I wouldn’t lie that its was a very stressful period not getting any updates for nearly 5 months. For those of us waiting , I know it’s very frustating but please be hopeful. Once we land in Canada lets have a meetup and not restrict ourselves to this forum.


Many Congratulations to @rjtbansal and @s.sam


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thanks @sharmas.saurav for sharing the update! it gives us positive boost and helps in the wait period!


Hi Karlo,

If I just talk about my application which I applied in mid August, I waited patiently for 5.5 months until I got PPR.
My medical passed just after a week of AOR and then no updates until December, and then later in December my background status changed to IP2. In many cases people get their PPR just after they receive their IP2 update, but this did not happen in my case.
I would just say that all applications are different and 6 months is an estimated processing time, so just be patient with your updates.

Best of Luck!




Thank you for the reassuring update! Many congratulations :slight_smile: