Background Check taking more time than usual


Can you tell us the timeline for your PR ?


Location: USA

  1. AOR: September 23
  2. Medicals Passed: October 23
  3. Background Check Start / IP 1 : March 8th
  4. Request Letter/ PPR : March 8th

Step 3 & 4 Happened at the same time, The only thing I have done is call them twice over the last 1.5 months. The agent was kind enough to tell me they dont see anything negative in the notes and there is still 22 days ( at the time I called) and anything can happen in this timeline.


U r in USA or India?


In the US


Hi there, I applied for my PR in April 2018 and I still have not received any response or update from IRCC till date. Every time I follow up with them using the web form, I get the standard template response saying that they have all my documents with them and will let me know if there is anything needed from me. Is there anyone here in a situation like mine? What is a possible solution to finding out what is causing the delay at IRCC? Please advise!


Have you looked at GCMS notes?


Hi Guys,

I received my AOR on Oct 30 2018 and medicals passed on Nov 30 2018.
The medical status changed to YOU HAVE PASSED THE MEDICAL EXAM. After this update, there has been no changes in my application.
No. of dependents- 1
Current Location- India
Type of application : Express Entry

Is there any one else from OCT AOR group, who can update on their current status?


@joshiamruta91, I am from April 2018 too. If you haven’t ordered GCMS notes yet, try ordering those to see the status of your application. Sending them CSEs does not help since they just reply with the standard template.


I know they got my last two packages, I wrote the addresses on them perfectly. (parody)

Any others here past six months now?






Since you have been waiting from April 2018, what about your Medical tests validity ? What if they expire before you get the COPR ? Will CIC extend the validity of your COPR visa ?



I think i can answer thisbone for u
My aor is may
Medicals expired in feb 19
Recieved an email in march by cicto redo medicals and revert in a months time


AOR may 2018 ?

When did you get your COPR ?


Still waiting



So your application is running into 10th month ? Any specific reason for the delay ?



No not really i didnt get any other email for any additional docs or anything


Medicals not cleared yet. No bio metric request. Any clue of the possible reasons for delay? Its been 50 days since AOR. People get their medicals cleared within 30 days.

Called up the call center twice, they just give standard response that it is within the time-frame of 6 months.


It’s totally random. For some people medical is passed within 30 days whereas for some it takes longer. Some directly get PPR without any updates. So call IRCC only when you have crossed 6 months. If around 5th month you are curious as to where your application is you can then order GCMS notes.


We submitted our ITA on 31 August 2018 from India. Within 2-3 weeks we got an update that medicals were cleared. Apart from them we never received any updates. However, after waiting for five and months, we got our PPR in February 2019. So, while background checks are going on, they are not updating the profile. Also, biometrics is required for those who are applying post December 2018.


I applied on July 23rd under the Canadian Experience Class program and my background check is still being processed after 8 months of applying. My friend and her husband, who were born in the same country as I was, applied as a couple under the Federal Skilled Worker prgogram in October (3 months after I applied) and they got their PPR this week. I ordered my GCMS notes a couple of weeks ago because I’d like to see what is holding up my process. I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to get a final answer, but I guess all we can do is try to be patient.