Background Check taking more time than usual


I have the exact same status for each section.


@arte I am running a week behind you.
AOR Sept 19
Medical cleared Oct 17

I am on the exact same status as you and @sourabh.deshkulkarni. Could you please post here if you get more updates? I would do the same.



Yes, I will update here. This waiting game is killing me!! I even signed up in immitracker. From its dashboard it looks like PPR is being issued for the applicants with early to mid Aug AOR date.


I have stopped thinking about it. So that one day, I ll get a pleasant surprise :smile: Hopefully, a month more considering those dates…


Hi Guys,

I filed my documnets on may 7 and got application recieved acknowledgement email on May 7 itself .

My profile shes medicals passed but post that there has been no update .

Its already 5 months 18 days since i applied and still waiting for my PPR .

Can anybody advise me what is the time line to recieve PPR or any positive revert from them for express entry


@sara123 You can refer

Check for May AOR




I don’t understand that tracker, it appears that some people with AOR in September/October got their PPRs, that’s unbelievable…


Hi mrandmrssolapurkar, did you get your passport request?


There are a few who made mistakes but if you weed out a couple, there is a pattern , I can see that for anyone residing in canada and who applied for EE in September have moved to IP2. For others I can see that people ho applied in Aug mid have started seeing IP2 / PPRs.


I am with AOR september 1 and my profile show:

AoR: September 1
MEP: September 25
ADDR: IMM 5475: Requested on 25 September and submitted on 26 September.
Review of eligibility: We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
Review of additional documents Not applicable (changed to Not applicable from we are reviewing the additional document)
Background check Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.
Final decision Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.

I am FSWO candidate from India and paid full fees. There is no update since more than 3 weeks

I called IRCC and they told me that my file is at Case Processing Centre in Ottawa.
Eligibility is in process.
Criminality and security checks have not been initiated


@piyushsinghrawat: Can you please share the number you contacted them? I tried few times ans was not able to get hold of anyone


@rekaviv : I contacted them on 18882422100 from within Canada with a help of a friend who is a resident there. and yes it takes time to connect…


It’s been 120 days and our background check hasn’t started. Stream - FSW , dependents(1)
Following is the timeline:-
Application submitted on July 7th.
Medical passed- July 26 th

The status shows as follows:-
We are reviewing whether you meet eligibility requirements
We haven’t started your background check , we will let you know when we start your background check.

Meanwhile our country of residence changed from US to India on Aug 10 and we informed IRCC about it via web form.
Our status has been the same since medical passed on July 26 and background check hasn’t started yet. We have ordered GCMS notes last week.

Is there anything we can do to move our application, as I m concerned that we are reaching 6month mark and our application is stuck?
Has anybody had any luck calling them and figuring out what the status is?



I too submitted my application on July7th, medicals passed on 25th. On Oct 31st my status changed from “we haven’t started your background check” to “We are processing your background check”.
On Nov 1st, they requested additional family information, submitted the additional document on Nov 2nd. Now they are reviewing the additional documents.
I know it is very frustrating, But you should get an update anytime soon, do not worry!


Why don’t you call and check the status? From what I read in all the threads, calling them can take time due to the long wait; but eventually you can get to them.


Sorry for updating late here. I was a bit too busy last week.
I got my PPR mail, Ready for Visa on Nov 7th. The total process took like 4 months to recieve this email. And all my updates are still coming through the email, I was a bit too early to get worried, everything looks fine!


What is the current trend of AOR to Meds passed? I mean the number of days…


30 days


Oh… Thnx ya