Background Check taking more time than usual


Hi All, My AOR was on Oct 6th and my medicals passed on Nov 6th… When i can expect my next update? it says my application is still in progress. Pls help!!


My AOR was on september 23 and its in the same status, it will take around 4 months.


Oh good… when was ur medicals passed ??


195 days and still waiting for ppr … medicals passed in 7 days after aor so u can’t really decide how much time it will take …


The max time they take for EE FSW is 6 months… ur’s has passed 6 months… have u applied for PNP ?


No mine is also ee fsw Outland Visa not pnp …
This is a myth that max it takes 6 months few ppl have been waiting for 240 plus days …

U should check the immitracker dashboard for Canada for more details … There a lot of applicants upload their status so u will have. A fair idea


Nope still waiting. It’s been over 7 months. Last month, after we completed 6 months, I had sent them a CSE to check where the holdup was and this was their response:

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

You will find below useful information that we hope will help understand the process and current status of your application for permanent residence:

  • The responsible office is currently verifying if your application meets the eligibility requirements under the immigration program for which you have applied,

    • you may be contacted via your account if additional information is needed.
  • The background verifications are currently in process.

Although the delay may vary, rest assured that we are making the necessary efforts to finalize your application within established processing times.

Please consult our website for more information on what to expect after you apply and how you can verify the status of your application in your account.

We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.

We would also like to suggest the following online services that might be helpful to you with any immigration, refugee and/or citizenship future requests:

Basically, they don’t tell you anything additional than what is mentioned in the profile. It is annoying as hell. I wish there was more transparency. At the moment all we can do is be patient.


What did the GCMS notes say? @mrandmrs


Whatever documents were provided met the requirements is what the GCMS notes mention. The last update is “AGENT REVIEW: POLICE CERTIFICATES R10 OK Criminality Decision Passed.” Don’t know where the holdup is.


I can understand how much restless u might be… But according to the reply u got, I strongly feel u will get the PPR anytime now…


That’s what I have been thinking since the end of June :slight_smile:

Even if we get PPR now, we won’t be moving until March next year so it doesn’t really matter how much more time it takes.


Did u pay rprf? Sometimes paying that off speeds up the processing it seems


Yes, paid it upfront. I don’t think that changes the processing time.


Actually we paid upfront at the time of appln submission itself… Once the processing is totally over, it will trigger the PPR request it seems


Oh ok…


Even I have been waiting for 195 days … The mere 180 days is a myth … I m not sure how long it can take …yes after a while u stop thinking of when it will come … But they should have some timeline as it really spoils all the plans


Hi All,

I am new to this forum, but have been following since couple of days and wanted to share my own details. My application was submitted on August 15, 2018 and its been 3 months, they are still reviewing whether I meet eligibility requirements and the background check has not started yet. Is there anyone here who applied in August and got further in their process?


@s.sam If you look on immitracker, you will notice some of the Aug e-AOR folks already got PPR, but many are waiting. (FYI - I am a Sep e-AOR)


I have also recived my aor on 07th may, still waiting for PPR … background check has been in progress from 5 months already…

How did u apply for CSE to check up where the hold is … could u please advise me too


I have a quick question for all those whose appln approval is due since 7+ months… Will this not affect the landing time as it will be very less considering the fact that ur medicals were finished 7+ months back? Usually the PR visa should be activated within 1 year from the date of medicals.