Background Check taking more time than usual


Here’s the webform:



It definitely will. We did our meds in March so as long as we get it before then, we should be fine. I am not sure but I think if the timeline exceeds the medicals, we would need to redo them.



Thanks! Will check it out.



@arte thank you, I checked the immitracker, it was quite useful since I didnt know about it. Looks like most of the got their PPR who had a similar AOR as mine :frowning: little upset now…



There are lot of June and July applicants waiting for PPR. So just relax. if you see on immitracker, last one month 80-90 % of PPR’S issued are from may/June/July. so I guess they are just clearing a bunch of the JUNE/JULY backlog before they go out full fledged on August AOR’s.



On a lighter note-------
Please don’t tell me , now we have a backlog even here. :slight_smile:
It scares the s**t out of me. If you know what I mean.



Only difference is this backlog is independent of country cap :slight_smile:



Hello everyone,
I got an update to fill an additional form 5669e ( Schedule A / Background Check ), any idea what is it and why is it required ?



I applied on Sept 8th and my Background started October 3rd. But no movement since then. I guess it just conclusion after background check. Not sure how many months this background is going to take. Looking at many of you it seems there quite a bit wait time here.



I was following immitraker since couple of days and it looks like the majority applications from June got their PPR and rest are on IP2, from July and August few got their PPR and the status is mixed IP1 and IP2. My application was sent on August 14 and my background check still has not been started yet. Cant really do much about it unfortunately.



Don’t want to sound rude but why everyone is so anxious/in rush. Yes I totally understand if one has entered into 5th or 6th month and only medicals are cleared , getting worried is normal. But I have seen people ordering notes, calling IRCC etc. like within 2 months of AOR. I mean seriously ? they are looking at thousands of applications simultaneously, couple of months wait is normal. We need to stay put. Again, Sorry ! I have no intentions to hurt anyone.

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Dear Dskhokhar,

In my point of view and I could be wrong, people may have their own personal reasons too for worrying and being overly anxious. It is not always about the time of the when submitted the application, some people like me are on their work permits and could be on other different statuses which are close to the expiry dates, and getting a bridging visa or applying for a new permit is a hassle because they can also reject your application… I mean who knows right.

This forum I believe is for people to discuss their worries and get some positive feedback from others. Please do not get me wrong here, but at this point, whoever is waiting for their residencies, instead of being frustrated, we can all share knowledge and experiences and pray for each other… thats all I can say…



I have utmost respect for your views but getting impatient is not going to solve anything. Most of us might have already experienced that while waiting for GC. Yes I couldn’t thank enough people who started this platform and people who share their experiences on daily basis. However, praying and being optimistic will lead all of us to new land of opportunities. :slight_smile: Stay strong everyone.

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Good things take time, all we can do at this point is wait it out…

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I definitely agree.
It has been 4 months since I submitted by documents. I have been very cool and not worried about the delay until recently when my employer is suddenly moving me to a different project and coupled with family commitments that limit my options to travel and take swift decisions on what are my career and personal priorities.

So, at drop of a hat things change and reading the posts from others, their circumstances and suggestions hopefully keeps me motivated. It is absolutely fine to express agree/disagree.



I’m in the same situation as yours. Eagerly waiting for an update from you. All the best :blush:

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Did anyone in this thread get their PPR?



8 months today still waiting for ppr…guys any comments



Wow that’s too much! I seriously wonder what might be the reason for this much delay…



Order GCMS notes for clarity if you haven’t already. I ordered mine today. Let’s see. Been 4.5 months since AOR.