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The current company I work for has declined to include any roles or responsibilites on the letter.
Here is my course of action.

  1. Collect standard letter from company.
  2. Attach email decline on the non-issue of detailed letter.
  3. Attach PDF of online job posting.
  4. Pay stubs for duration at company.
  5. Get supporting letter from colleague with his personal email and number.

Thoughts? Anything

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That’s what I would’ve done.

Would they at the lest include your title at work? If not then the steps you’ve outlined seem to be your best option. You probably don’t need the job posting. And the supporting letter from colleagues would help if possible could you get one from your manager on an unofficial level?

Thanks for the input.

Yeah they will include my title. Since it’s the company’s policy to not include responsibilities my manager would be hesitant to provide an unofficial letter.

The colleague is a Senior to my role and willing to attest my duties. But I think official letter along with all this should suffice.

Thanks Anshul - very helpful!

According to CIC this is what they need. So at the least try and ensure it meets as many of these points as possible. For example try and make sure its on company letterhead, is signed by HR or manager and includes their name and title, salary information, job titles and start and end dates.

  1. Should be an official document printed on company letterhead
  2. Must include the applicant’s name,
  3. Must include the company’s contact information [address, telephone number and email address],
  4. Must include and the name, title and signature of the immediate supervisor or personnel officer at the company),
  5. Should indicate all positions held while employed at the company
  6. Must include the following details: job title, duties and responsibilities, job status (if current job), dates worked for the company, number of work hours per week and annual salary plus benefits

This is the exact letter I used (got from my employer)

Okay, I will make another plea with my company to get it in your format. Maybe they might be a bit more willing to do so. Fingers crossed.

This is my format that I might get from my previous two employers in USA
Date: _____________

To Whom it May Concern

This is to certify that Fully Name was working for___________ from ______ to ______.

Details of his employment are given below:

Designation: ________

Type of Employment: _______ 

Hours of Work: 40/Week 

Reporting Manager: _____________

Annual Salary:  _____________

Duties and responsibilities handled by first name are as follows:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


If they do not provide the salary, I could include my offer letter, which would delineate the annual pay. I thought of the job posting because if they decline on providing duties and responsibilities then, I can use the job posting.

@anon25417004 did you not include details of your job?

This looks OK. The most important point is to make sure the job description satisfies the visa officer that your NOC code is right.

I think in my case the title was a clear enough match to the NOC.

@anon25417004 : my designations says Software Developer/Engineer. Shouldn’t that be enough as the NOC title also states software engineer? Only in one case my designation was Engineer-Technology. I wrote emails to my previous employer but I don’t think they are interested.

I think the first one should be fine. I can’t comment on the second one since CIC might not be to match it to Software. Does it mention a list of duties / responsibilties? You might have to attach a letter of explanation. In the end the official needs to be able to confirm your NOC matches your work experience and if your title does not even have the word “software” it might be an issue.

@anon25417004, @avj : My current title says “Technology Lead”. Could you please let me know what NOC code should it fit? As I’m currently in an Indian IT consulting firm, I found 2171 (Information Systems Analysts and Consultants) as the most closest to what we do. However I’m not sure if NOC 2173 (Software engineers and designers) will also apply as although my job title doesn’t match with applicable titles of NOC 2173, I see lot of overlap in the job responsibilities. Your thoughts?

If you degree was in computer science (Computer Engineering, I.T.), and you did software development, and now you’re technology lead, then I would assume 2173 would be a better fit than 2171. Note that the CIC description of NOC code you select should match your letter of reference job duties and responsibilities.

Thanks @avj. My degree was in Electronics Engineering.

Like @avj the letter from your employer should mention job duties or reposiblities and they should match those of NOC 2173.

Details on NOC 2173 - Exclusion(s), Main duties, Employment requirements

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2174 is a better fit for developers. 2173 I feel is more for business analysts who do requirements gathering.

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