Express Entry application avoiding ECA for Bachelor's when MS highest


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I noticed that your application was delayed due to the missing ECA for your bachelors degree, but on the CIC website it says we only need the ECA for highest level of education. I have a Masters degree and my husband has 2 Masters, do we need ECAs for all our Masters and Bachelors degree?

Thank you in advance!

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At the time I applied I knew that only the highest degree was counted. What I did not know was that in order to avoid getting all ECAs I should’ve only added the highest degree at the beginning of filling out the EE profile, and added the remaining degrees as “additional information” at the end of the application. I added all three at the beginning and this meant I was counting all 3 degrees and had to get ECAs for all 3.


Oh wow, this information is very useful as I believe many of us have included all degrees in the beginning. It’s helpful to know in advance that we need to get ECAs for all the degrees in this case. Thank you so much!


I think you meant ECAs for all the degrees are not required… Only highest degree is enough… Right or what did you mean?


If you are counting all degrees toward the points you need ECAs for all.

The confusion comes from the fact that the CIC EE application does not explicitly state on it’s application web page that you need to add ONLY the highest degree in this section, and then add remaining (lower) degrees in some section at the end of the application. The first “Education” page I saw asked for my degrees so being the honest guy I added all 3 without realizing that this would mean ECAs for all.

The actual problem is that our bachelors (if Indian) universities are bureaucratic nightmares, don’t have an efficient online system to order transcripts like US universities do, and are slow as snails in getting us the transcripts so it’s just better to avoid adding Indian bachelors ECAs. My bachelors university still uses the paleolithic “Challan” system and took 2+ months to send the transcripts.


I am still confused Anshul…

Till now it was told and assumed that we get the highest points even just with Highest degree…
Suppose we have Masters and then assume we get highest 25 points… Even if we add both Masters and Bachelors still we get 25 points only…
Is that not true?


Yes yes, that’s true. If you have Masters just add masters and get ECA only for that.

I was explaining what the confusion was when I was filling out my application.


Thanks for your detailed response. I went through the application form again and found no place for addition information towards the end (please see attached). I also put all my degrees in the “Education” section and have applied for ECA for all degree

s just in case.


Yes @anshul.v.joshi is right points are only awarded for the highest degree’s received so if you have two masters you’ll get points for both. If you have one then you get only get the 25 points or so.


little confusion . just to be sure @anon25417004 , we need accreditation for highest degree ,but when you submit for accreditation , you need to provide sealed transcript for graduation too ?


WES Canada informs you of the exact documents you need to submit when you are creating your profile on there this is based on where the degree is from and what type of degree it is.