FBI Check Pending Due to US Government Shutdown

Hi, I received my ITA and I have 7 days left to submit the application. The only document pending is the US Police Certificate - Identity History Summary. I had applied and sent in the fingerprint cards to the FBI a week ago, but have not received the certificate over email yet, even though the usual turnaround is 2- 3 days. This might be due to the US partial government shutdown which is in it’s 19th day as of today. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I would like some advice on whether I should decline the invitation and apply again or submit the application with a letter of explanation. The Canada government website mentions that an application without police certificate will be approved/ considered only in very rare cases. Please advice. Thanks.

Please refer to the following threads:

you should email them, I emailed them after 12 days of sending the mail.
I had my PCC letter within 12 hours of sending the email.

If you dont receive it, prepare a letter with

  • Confirmation email from FBI
  • Fingerprinting delivery report

and upload that as a proof.

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Thanks; this helps!

We sent out fingersprints last week and received the certificate this week. So I’m guessing the shutdown didn’t affect us.

“Essential personnel” are not furloughed even during shutdown. I guess FBI background check comes under that category.