FBI EDO is Here! - Fast Online USA Police Clearance


Its 477. Yes trying to get things beforehand. I still to send my docs for PCC from Indian Consulate.


thats awesome… so you can get ITA in any draw you want… yeah apply for indian PCC too… i guess only thing you will have remaining will be Medical…


Yes, and i am the process of getting my Experiencing letter from Accenture and Infosys. That’s taking some effort.


Hello, Thank you very much for this information. I am currently in the US but I have also resided in the UK for 4 years. I see that we need police clearance certificate for all the countries stayed for more than 6 months in the last 10 years. I now know how to get from US and India - Could someone help me with the process for getting it from the UK. Your help is very much appreciated.


@kapilchandra Please see this link


Thank you very much !


This is fast. Filled the form, went to a local fingerprint agent. used the edo website for online account and payment. Sent it thru Fedex ( regular / standard ). Got update that they got the mail and in a couple of hours got the clearance certificate ( download from your account )

Now waiting for the Indian PCC


Hello everyone.

I am moving to India in august and will be continuing my EE application there. Do you guys recommend I get the FBI EDO done here before I leave? I have been in USA on F1 since 2013, only traveled to India once in 2014. I believe I will need both US police clearance and indian as well. Correct?



Get your FBI EDO done before you leave. and yes you need police clearance from every country where you have lived for 6 months or more.


Thanks @arun.dash90 Has anyone done police clearance in India? Is it straightforward?


also get your Indian Police Clearance here at the any Indian Consulate. They take a week max.


@arun.dash90 Ok I will try to get that taken care of from the consulate then. Thanks.


Indian PCC from India is straightforward too. You need to apply at the Passport Seva Kendra and then there will be police verification after which they ask you to pick up your PCC. It doesn’t take too long but I guess getting it done from the Consulate in the US will be easier.


Thanks a lot @mrandmrs. I got my FBI EDO done and if time permits I will get the PCC from the consulate or else I will get it from India.


It looks like the EDO webpage/website is down. It is not opening at all. I just got my ITA and want to wrap this up ASAP and this issue is not helping at all


Ok, it is not working on Google Chrome (or at least it did not, for me). Working fine through IE.


Hello !

ughhh this is awesome !!

Am still waiting for mine sent end of may via regular mail (no tracking number)… Is there a way to cancel it and re-submit it electronically ? I still have 25 left to submit my PR application…

Thank you :slight_smile:


The portal is facing issues on Chrome and Safari. D/w latest version of Mozilla its working fine. Here is snapshot of the portal


Hi @acheema
Thanks for your information here.
my que is how should i get fingerprints card?



Hi Friends,

I got my report. It is 2 pages.
I have a question: The status online shows as “Response Waiting”. What does it mean?

Does this mean sending hardcopy is pending ?

Venkata Mujje