FBI EDO is Here! - Fast Online USA Police Clearance


I used this company https://www.identogo.com


If anyone is facing similar issue, and it look like this: screencapture-edo-cjis-gov-2018-07-04-14_11_51

Use Safari, probably IE on Windows.
Chrome gives an error.


HI… I did created application on this site. But I sent my fingerprints by xpresspost by Canada post. Now they need signature because it is xpresspost. So at this point my parcel is waiting at us post office and ready to pick up.
Any one have any idea what should i do now?


Does the procedure differ for non citizens. My husband is on H1B. We can submit the request online, right?


yes procedure is same and you can do online


Has anyone who recently applied through EDO gotten their FBI Identity History Summary report?

I applied last month and sent my fingerprint card, which was delivered on July 3 (based on Fedex tracking), but haven’t received the report yet :frowning: Status online says “Missing fingerprint card”. Is anyone in a similar boat?


To file Electronic Departmental Order (eDO), person needs to be either US Citizen or Green Card Holder or anyone with H1 or Other visa can apply?
Also does person needs to be inside United States to apply eDO?
Please help me with these answers.




To receive the report via email should I be selecting NO for question - Would you like to have a hard copy mailed to you?

My request confirmation email states - You indicated your fingerprints would be delivered by: MAIL, so I’m wondering if selecting YES for the above question leads to delay in process.


Even if you select YES they would still email you the softcopy via email. It wont delay anything.


Identogo is refusing to schedule an appointment for anyone who’s not a US PR or Citizen. We have got the form FD-258 with us but we need help in getting our fingerprints professionally done. Can anyone suggest an alternative?



I got the manual fingerprinting , where the applied ink on my finger tips. ?I hope its acceptable along with digital finger prints.



When I did it in 2016 I just bought an inkpad and did the rolling fingerprint at home, took a few tries to get it right though. I’d recommend an alcohol solution to get the ink off the fingers later.


I went to UPS this weekend and got the fingerprinting done through them. It was 20$ or so but was very convenient. You dont need anything except your valid id. They provide the fingerprint card as well. Im in bay area. I think its better to get it done professionally.


Thanks for your response!


We checked with UPS and got to know that an appointment needs to be booked via Fieldprint. Upon checking Fieldprint site, we can see a lot of services they offer w.r.t live fingerprinting.

Not sure with which option we should go. I am on H1b visa here. Please suggest.


This is the first time I am hearing such a thing. I didnt book any appointment. I went there straight away and they just asked why I need it. I told them I need for fbi clearance and they just checked my id and did it for me.


I received the soft/digital copy of my report at the beginning of July, but the hard copy never arrived. In this case, can I just print the soft copy and submit it for my PR application. I noticed that the Canadian government website mentions that photocopy of the original police report is not accepted. So will a print of the soft copy be considered as photocopy?

Does anyone know whether the hard copy is the same as the one when the soft copy gets printed on regular white paper? Is the hard copy from FBI also regular white paper? For the signature on the hard copy, is it truly signed by someone or it is also a print of e-signature? It seems the signature on the soft copy I received is a bit blurry and hard to read.


Digital copy is all you need to upload. Since its an online submission it doesnt really make sense to print the soft copy and upload it back. So just attach the soft copy.


@rjtbansal Thank you for your reply. In my case, I need to mail everything to the agency. So do you know whether the hard copy is the same as the one if printed from the soft copy on regular white paper? Specifically, the signature part.