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I received my digital copy a few minutes ago. We did a livescan rolled fingerprints at a local agency. We got an email that they received our fingerprint cards around 10:30 this morning and got the actual report at 10:35. We mailed them our cards on Friday and got our report today. It was seamless and fast.

On the report the wording is such that the report is for personal review to correct/change for myself and not for licensing or employment purposes etc. I called the customer support number to check if this is the actual wording, as I have chosen “Live, work, or travel in a foreign country” in the reason for request field on the application form online. The customer support rep said that is a catch all phrase that they use to not make them liable for the report in case of any issues later.

I wanted to find out if the wording is similar for people who went through this process recently. Would this wording be sufficient for the purpose of applying for canada?


That is what I got as well from online submission. Should this be sufficient ?



Yes, that is what I got too. I hope that would be sufficient.


Did your status change? Just wanted to know what does “Response Waiting” mean?


When I called them up they said response waiting is like we need to download or view our report. I guess it will update after some time. The rep said the report is done and there is nothing they or we need to do.


Then in that case I would wait for the actual hardcopy. Since the printout wont be as genuine as the actual copy.


you’ve to upload it so instead of scanning the hard copy why not upload the copy which you’ve downloaded.


Yes ink fingerprinting is acceptable. I got it done last weekend, mailed the card on Monday, FBI received it on Wednesday and I got my clearance report today morning on my email. So you will be fine.


Hi Guys,
I had a question:
For the question
Would you like to have a hard-copy response mailed to you?
Should I select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?
I want it to be e-mailed to me for sure. It will be good if I get a hard-copy, although e-mail is necessary.


Yes, you will get the hard copy as well as the email.


Totally up to you. I chose ‘No’ because I didnt want the hardcopy. Email is good enough.


Thanks guys for the reply. :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,
Thanks for the previous answer. Had another question.
I am planning to get my fingerprinting done at a UPS location.
Is there anything specific card which I should ask for them to get it done on?
I know there is FD258 format which has been stated on the website.
Should I take a printout of the format myself for them or is it available at the UPS Store already?
Any other documents required while getting the fingerprinting done?


No specific card, take print out of FD-258 form fill all the details.

Get the fingerprint done at UPS, and mail the document with the confirmation mail print out.


I’m trying to get to the website (edo.cjis.gov) but it doesn’t work for me.
Can anyone try and let me know?
Thanks in advance!


Use Firefox browser. They have some issues in Chrome.




Once we get the clearance from the FBI, is there a need to get the local/state background check ? As the FBI reports specifies that it does not cover State/Local level.



No FBI one is good enough.


Are the FBI EDO requests taking more time than usual right now?


FBI rejected our fingerprints saying the quality is low. Has anyone experienced it here before? I went to a UPS nearby to do the fingerprinting, but I am gonna try a police station nearby to see if that works better the second time.