FBI EDO is Here! - Fast Online USA Police Clearance

Thats very surprising. I myself had got it done from UPS and had no issues. But do let the UPS person know that this happened.

What is the meaning of response waiting in the fbi portal.

P.S I’ve got the PCC in my portal.


I have called up several places in the bay area and checked if there is a way they can print electronic fingerprints on the FD-258 form, none of them can do that. A friend who recently got their PR was able to do exactly that from the sheriff’s office in North Carolina. Not sure if that’s something that California has not caught up to. My last ink based fingerprints done at a UPS store were rejected by the FBI owing to “low quality”. And there’s no way to do this via Live scan.

We are now getting it done from the police station nearby but again it’s ink based rolling, so not sure how well this is gonna work out. We are planning to send a few fingerprint cards along in hopes that one of them cuts it for the FBI. I’d appreciate if people could post their experiences in this regard here.

Update: We got our certificates from the FBI today. Sending 3 fingerprints seems to have worked out I guess.

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I have received the FBI identity report online and it has the following text. Does that mean I need to go and get state and local clearence as well? or will this report suffice ?


It would suffice.

No. That should be fine. I think everybody gets that line.

Hi, I need some information on the FBI PCC?

  1. What should be selected for Reason for Request? Is it Live in foreign country?
  2. I am from India? So in the eDO form should I only be selecting India from the drop down menu for place of birth? I couldn’t find option of including city.
  3. Is SSN required? I do have a current SSN.
  4. Do I use Attn/Care of? I think it should be Attn: as it would be my name, as I am the owner of the residence. Pls advice
  5. Where can I get fingerprinting done as I am neither a US citizen or GC holder. Pls advice locations in San Francisco/ San Jose for fingerprinting.
  6. Is live scan applicable for Canada PR process or do we need only ink based fingerprinting?

Looking for your all advice.

1 – Immigration
2 – Yes
3 – Your choice, I provided
5 – USPS
6 – Ink based fingerprinting is fine, not sure about live scan

I followed the process as discussed in this group and got my FBI report online in 3 days. I would be submitting the pdf obtained online in my PR application. Thanks to @acheema and everyone else for this detailed discussion regarding this topic. Thank you all.

Thanks Everyone for the details about this process.
I got my Fingerprinting done at Identogo. You need to take an appointment and it takes less than 20 minutes.

Once the card was mailed, there was no update for 12 days ( Was wondering if it is due to government shutdown here in US).
I emailed them after 12 days, and within 3 hours I got my updated report.

So in case you havent heard from them after mailing, try sending email to check status.

Update: I got my email copy after 3 days of mailing them the fingerprint card. That too on a Sunday night!


I am currently residing in USA and my visa expires on 15th April When is the best time to apply for PCC from FBI.I am planning to move to India on 15th April and continue the rest of my process.

  • IRCC states that police certificates are typically valid for 1 Year from the issuance date.

  • FBI PCC hardly takes 2-4 days.

Not in Massachussets. They were asking me to get the cards…

How long will it take for the report to arrive by mail once its electronically approved?

Can I send mine and my husband’s fingerprints card to FBI in one envelope or It should be 2 separate envelope .


Two separate cases, so two separate envelopes.

Thank you .