Need help! PR refusal


The response I received also contained “The information you provided was forwarded to the responsible office.” I guess it is typed by an agent but its kind of an acknowledgement email. Doesn’t help your cause. Now I am not sure about how much time the responsible office would take to get back to you. I f I were you , I would send the passports to them in a overnight mail and also send a similar return envelope.

When does your 30 day deadline to send your passport end? And when is your scheduled travel?


30 day deadline ended today :slight_smile: :frowning:

i assume the agent typed this email manually because she said
“We appreciate you taking the time to inform us that you are taking the necessary steps in order to submit the passports that are required for your application”…

also she said “We invite you to provide the documents as soon as possible in order to ensure the process of your application continues as smoothly as possible.”

did you have these two lines or either of these lines in your email?
If not in your email then I am hopeful from these two lines… and will send passports the next day i reach back to USA…


I am yet to receive my PPR. I had submitted some additional supporting documents. In the email they said that they are confirming the receipt of the document and they are forwarding it to the responsible office.


ok thanks… so your email reply or my email reply does not sound to me as automated emails… just the line about “forwarded to responsible office” could be standard line to include in each reply…


But I never received any response from the “responsible office”. I mean they only had to attach the documents to my application which does not require for them to send me any response.


I received a response for my CSE submission stating that they have received my updated experience letter document and have forwarded it to the responsible office for their consideration. Hopefully, the visa officer will consider the new document.


Hi All,
I am in a dilemma as well about my experience letter. My primary experience letter lists that I am a full time employee but it doesn’t say number of hours per week. Could this become a problem? My paystubs also dont list any hours per week. I submitted my application on Sept 23. And I noticed it after submission. Thanks guys.


@rjtbansal If it is easy for you to get a new letter with number of hours per week mentioned (along with all the other required details), then I don’t think there is any harm is submitting a webform CSE request with the new document. Just my perspective


Yes I exactly did the same thing. Got it corrected from my hr and submitted it via webforms explaining them the issue. I have more peace of mind now. Thanks for sharing your experience @rekaviv.


It says in on CIC website that number of hours are required so it’s good that you submitted new one.


What was your Masters degree in? Electrical, Mechanical or Computers?




Hi @lamba.satbeer, Sorry to bring up refusal related question. But had your medicals passed prior to refusal? This 4.5 months time you mention is it after ITA or after AOR? I am just trying to understand at what stage of the process one can assume that documents have been scrutinized. For example so far I am hearing that once BG check begins means all documents have been accepted. Thanks in advance.


Hi, Yes I did medical in February. 4.5 months after AOR.


Thanks for sharing. Pretty harsh on their end to take this long to reach a decision. Best of luck to you. Surely you will get it next time.


One more question @lamba.satbeer , had your Background Check started as well?


If I remember correctly I think the background check was in progress.


Thanks @lamba.satbeer. I am just trying to understand at what stage one can safely assume that all documents are correct. I was assuming that stage to be once background check starts. But from your experience it seems nothing is certain till one gets PPR email.


Not sure about the timing, I think the background check happens in parallel as they check for eligibility. It’s been a month since I submitted the application again. Waiting…


Best of luck to you this time.