Police Clearance Certificate


Hi @sontisur Did they send you back the documents at the address in the address proof or it could be any other address? Did you send a cashier’s check for shipment?


rjtbansal Do we need to go and collect our passports or do they send it back to our mailing address?


If you have provided them with a paid return envelope then they return the passport and PCC in it. If you go to consulate in person then they will return you the passport right away but you would still need to provide them with a return envelope so that they can return you PCC in mail.


No you don’t have to.


rjtbansal thank you rjtbansal.


I plan to apply for PCC in-person next Monday Sep 17 at Houston consulate. Does anyone know their current processing time when:

  1. passport was renewed at the same consulate last year - my case
  2. passport was issued in India and still valid till 2020 - my spouse’s case

Do I need to book an appointment? It will be a 5 hours drive to Houston so just want to make sure


Do we get any conformation email from consulate after they received our documents mail to them or when they start working it? if yes, how long it takes to get conformation saying that they have received our documents by mail and they are working on it?


As far as SF consulate is concerned,no they dont really send any confirmation. The best way is to just track your package and you will know if it reached. Once they are done with PCC (about 3-4 weeks) then they give a phone call and from then on you can start tracking your return envelope.


No appointments needed for in-person submissions but they are accepted only until noon. When I did it 4 months ago, the PCC was processed and returned in couple of hours.

Fortunately, the CIC certified physician office was 10 min away from consulate. So scheduled the medical exam in the afternoon rather than waiting at the consulate. It worked out well for us.

Since you’re driving 5 hours you can better use your trip to Houston. I presume you already have the ITA because remember the medical exam is valid only for a year.

PS: our passports we’re renewed at this location


Thank you for replying. Yeah I did check that medical exam center is close to consulate but they are charging $395 per person. I am in Dallas where they charge $350. I haven’t received ITA yet or even created my EE profile. I am awaiting WES evaluation. My CRS score is 469 so I am trying to collect all required documents before I receive ITA. Only medical, I will do after I receive ITA.


I got my passport renewed at Chicago embassy last month and sent out the application for police clearance last week. I have not sent a tracking label for my return shipment, so there is no visibility on the status. Although I understand that PCC for passports issued from the same consulate is a quick process, I am curious to track it. Have been trying to call on 312-595-0405(number mentioned in the embassy website) but couldn’t pass the automated voice system. Is there any number where I could talk to people regarding PCC?


Ohh great. Thank you.


Based on anecdotal evidence of delays from consulates in providing PCCs, I would recommend doing the PCC well in advance, i.e. don’t wait until after ITA to start the process.


My friend got his PCC recently from Chicago. He has the passport renewed from India. He faced the same issue , not able to reach them. He was on the automated system everytime he called them.
Its the same number. However later someone from the consulate called him to confirm his documents and send some extra as required.
Once he sent the documents there was no correspondence. However he received the PCC in 2 weeks.

Note: I am not sure if this helped with the answer. Just wanted to mention the situation with the same consulate.


I heard from a friend that Atlanta PCC is the fastest right now - They are getting the Certificates the same day unlike SFO.


Omg they charged $460 in California


I paid $400 in Utah, 460 in California sounds like a steal.


Hi Folks,

Trying to find the Personal Particulars form for PCC at SFO embassy. However, the website seems to be down. Can anyone please share the downloaded copy if you happen to have it?

Thanks a ton!


They changed their website. The new website address is below.


Requirements for PCC:


Good Luck!


Indian Consulate in SFO answers queries(reg PCC) via phone only between 2- 430 pm, but never answers the call !!. its crazy…
I have the following questions, Someone please answer them

1- Do we need to send in ORIGINAL Indian passport?. The instructions on the cgisf.gov.in website says self-attested copy is enough.

2- Do we need to furnish two sets of personal particulars form, in case the current residential address is less than one year old ? In that case , do you need photograph on the additional PP form as well?

3- Can I submit my mortgage statement as address proof? We recently moved, and all the utilities are in my wife’s name.