Police Clearance Certificate


I received my PCC and my wife’s PCC from Indian consulate, Washington DC in 5 days. I submitted everything via mail on 15th Sep (Original passport, Passport pages, cashier checks, I797, I 94 copies, DL-License copy, Electric bill; everything was notarized). My wife received phone call from embassy on 18th Sept and we received our Passport and PCCs on 20th via UPS.


Hi I am applied for my PCC in Chicago via mail. Have not heard back anything, neither does their phone number connect to a human. What should I do and how to follow up?

What is the standard time taken by Chicago consulate to give PCC?



Update - Just received the PCC and passport back. Took me exactly 15 days.


rjtbansal Thanks bansal and other folks for your info. I got my PCC in 20 days from SFO consulate. I sent all documents on 7 Sep to them, i just received my passports.


I submitted the PR docs Aug 12 with only the FBI cert because been living in the US over 10 years w/o a 6 month continuous stay in any other country and the CIC website said this:

Our online system will ask for a police certificate for:
every country you (or a family member) stayed in during the last 10 years for 6 months or more in a row
After you apply, an officer may ask for additional police certificates from any time in your life since you were 18 years old.

Now looking at this thread I am thinking of getting the PCC from Chicago!

Any experiences where anyone did NOT submit PCC since they met above criteria and that went okay? please share!


If you’ve been living continuously in US then FBI certificate is all you should need.


I applied for FBI PCC this weekend. Planning to depart US this week and get India PCC in India itself. I am the primary applicant. I am planning to apply EE profile with my India residence. Assuming that I get FBI PCC after I departed US, I am fine right? FBI PCC ll be mailed to my US address where my spouse is staying.


Thanks you so much!


Got a pdf in my profile today. Took just 2 days after fingerprints mailing. I have this line in my pdf.

Search Completed Result

Is this the final/ required pcc ?




Yes. You need to send original passport…
It states as below:

Do not send any original documents except the PASSPORT and the document to be attested


THANKS so much Anshul! In fact, I got PPR email 2 days ago!


Thanks for sharing the information. I was able to contact via email id cons.chicago@mea.gov.in. They were very responsive and helped me getting the document on time.


If anybody is in India and needs to get police clearance certificate then does he get it from a police station or he can get it from a passport office too?


Hi does that mean it took you under 2 months to get PPR ? since you said documents were submitted Aug 12th ? Thanks


yes , correct. less than 2 months.


Hi All, any idea about processing time in Indian Consulate, Houston. I and my wife have passports issues in Chandigarh, India. My wife is travelling to India in November and she has approx 4 weeks before she needs her passport to travel. I am planing to visit Houston consulate in person. Will I get the original passports back the same day? How long is the PCC valid for?


Are you submitting application post-ita before she travels to India or after she returns back to usa?

Because if you are submitting after she returns, then don’t get PCC now, get it after she returns.

Regarding getting PCC back, i got passports and PCC in 4-5 days and i had sent through post… so visiting personally should be even faster than that… To confirm call houston consulate


Thanks. I will submit post ITA and before she travels to India. Was your passport issued in India?


min was renewed from houston consulate but spouse’s was issued in India