Reference Letter - Job Duties - How to verify against NOC code


Is there any official way to know whether certain job duties qualify particular NOC code?

I saw some posts mentioning below email-ids and link that can be used to verify, but people say they do not respond anymore. I personally tried and did not receive any response.

I applied with NOC 2173, and got ITA. However, I feel my many job duties are falling under NOC 2174, and NOC 2174 is in the exclusion’s list of NOC 2173, so I’m confused.

Please advise.


I looked it up and 2173 is computer science (software development), 2174 is more computer engineering (hardware/architecture development). If you can state your job duties without divulging sensitive information, maybe we can help better.


Thanks for the response.

Take a look below one on CIC website, this is NOC 2173 description:
Collect and document users’ requirements and develop logical and physical specifications
Research, evaluate and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test computer-based systems
Develop data, process and network models to optimize architecture and to evaluate the performance and reliability of designs
Plan, design and co-ordinate the development, installation, integration and operation of computer-based systems
Assess, test, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and develop maintenance procedures for operating systems, communications environments and applications software
May lead and co-ordinate teams of information systems professionals in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software and other embedded software control systems.

Below is NOC 2174 description on CIC website:
Write, modify, integrate and test software code
Maintain existing computer programs by making modifications as required
Identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions
Prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software
Assist in the collection and documentation of user requirements
Assist in the development of logical and physical specifications
May lead and co-ordinate teams of computer programmers
May research and evaluate a variety of software products.

It feels like 2174 talks more about writing and modifying actual code, whereas 2173 is about leading software activities end to end with different teams, confusing to me.

My problem is, I still feel some of my duties fall under 2174, which is in the exclusion list of 2173.


Sorry I think I got confused between 2174 and 2147.

I think both 2173 and 2174 might work for you. You can maybe select the NOC where most of your job duties match? I agree it is confusing as both are awfully close to one another.


No problem @anshul.v.joshi, appreciate your feedback.

I already received ITA and I submitted the application with NOC 2173. My experience was with the consulting company, so I chose 2173. I think 2173 is less about writing code, rather it’s more about leading the software development activity.

As you said they are very close, and this job duty can be used on any of one. Now the real issue is that they both are mentioned in the exclusion list of each other.

So, I’m really afraid that using these job duties could create an issue since they are common to both NOCs. I’m not sure if they are really strict on Job Duties matching with other NOC.


What is your opinion about this?.



I worked for Infosys as a J2EE developer so you can imagine the kind of work I did. I submitted with 2173 through and through without any issues. It was more like 2173 was the first NOC I found that matched my work and didn’t bother to check 2174 etc; probably not the best approach but I didn’t know better at the time and it worked out. My reference letter simply stated the technologies and projects I worked on. I think the officer checking your application isn’t looking for a word to word match, but checking whether what NOC you claim is close to what you actually did. Different bosses are expected to write reference letters differently so the officer knows not all letters will match the NOC description, so they make a subjective judgement, mainly to eliminate false claims. E.g., someone who’s a DBA and never touched software but submits 2173 or 2174 may get more scrutiny than a software engineer/software consultant/project manager who works in software, who submits 2173/2174.


Yes @anshul.v.joshi, it makes sense. I think I should not worry and go forward. Really appreciate your quick response. :slight_smile:


@anshul.v.joshi : can it be a mix of both 2174 and 2173? I have experience at multiple firms and one of them matched 2174 more and the rest of them 2173.


As far as I remember, you can only choose one NOC when filling up the express entry form, unless things have changed (Can I have multiple NOCs and what is the NOC for my profile?). Choose whatever you want as long as reference letter matches NOC description somewhat. Also, a lot of your questions have already been answered on this forum. Just search for the threads and you will find them.


following is my list of activities performed on the job
• Completion of project /layout engineering in thermal power plant

• Design calculation/ analysis/ documentation

• Development of e-learning modules for training and easy learning of new engineers

• Software programming for automation of design calculations and work supplication

• Study of new technology for implementation in power plant/no of documents generated by state-of-the-art technology scanning

• Release of technical recommendation

• Bench marking / feasibility study /forecasting / technology scanning

• Technical articles published in in-house newsletter

• Coordination

• Quality

• Market research on new business areas

Can you help me find correct NOC for the same.As per my understanding it should be 2141 or 2133. Can I use both?


2141 sounds like Industrial engineer whereas 2133 sounds like Electrical engineers. Also see 0911 Manufacturing managers.

The rule of thumb is the job description on your reference letter should match the one on NOC. Job title is secondary.

You can only select one NOC during EE profile creation as far as I can remember.