Spouse WES Evaluation

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Recently I heard from someone that, if we consider WES evaluation for spouse then we do get additional points not sure about how many points.
I am aware of the fact that if spouse does apply for IELTS then for sure the primary applicant is entitled to receive 5 points that can be added to the overall score.

Can any one shed some light on the first question of spouse WES evaluation and how many points does the primary applicant receives?

Any help is appreciated and many thanks in advance to all my friends.

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why are you creating new threads… there are already existing threads for similar topic… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing that out, appreciated. Did not search for the thread, hence posted a new question. Did’nt mean to confuse anyone.

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I appreciate @srhere pointing out that searching should be the first option. I highly encourage it myself. I will still answer this one since the topic title is quite clear and I was unable to quickly :grinning: find an alternative answer.

In short married and unmarried applicants have different CRS calculations for example under “Core / human capital factors” for a MS degree you get 126 points if you are applying with a spouse and 135 for without. Now if your spouse also has an MS then they can add 10 more points to your score if they also get an ECA done.In this way a spouse can add points to your application and increase your overall score.

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