UPS mail box for PR card

I don’t know any one in Canada so I am planning to get a UPS mail box and provide this details for mailing the PR card. Reviews from any one who has availed this facility or aware of its issues is highly appreciated.

What are the other alternate options for receiving the PR card if providing ones own address is not an option.


First check if CIC delivers to P.O. boxes. They need residential address. If that’s the case the landing officer will not accept your P.O. box address. So you’ll have to return to Canada with a PR travel document once you’re ready to move and then apply for PR card again.

UPS told me that they will have a professional address like Suite number , building number and street name. believe this is accepted by the immigration and It costs CAD 200 + HST for a year or CAD 35 if go month on month. Hence wanted to know if any one here has used this option.

UPS told me that they will have a professional address like Suite number , building number and street name. believe this is accepted by the immigration and It costs CAD 200 + HST for a year or CAD 35 if go month on month. Hence wanted to know if any one here has used this option.

No idea anything like that existed.

I was also interested in something very similar and I posted about it a while ago. I will explore further. Thanks @Karry Mail Forwarding for PR Card

Based on the FAQs here, it looks like you will have to physically visit a UPS store to create a mailbox. Not sure how this is useful if you are trying to receive your PR cards.

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UPS will frd the mail for a fee.

Its not the forwarding that concerns me. You have to visit the local UPS store to create a mailbox and provide proof of identity. If you are landing for the first time and have to create a mailbox yourself, its a chicken-and-egg problem.

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Based on this discussion I believe @Karry has only two options:

  1. Find someone trustworthy in Canada who’s willing to mail you PR card. or
  2. Decline to provide address during landing and get a PR travel document instead as soon as you get back.

You are right decline to porovide address at airport and then update it later once the UPS mail box is created

I noticed this thread! Just wanted to let you on an update. The UPS folks can open the Mailbox remotely. They have certain CC and agreement forms which they can forward and help you with creating a mailbox remotely.
It is not a PO box. It will be a valid residential address!


Just wanted to update on this thread. We rented a UPS mailbox(i.e with actual street address) in Canada which was used as a forwarding address for mailing our PR cards.

It worked great. We received the PR cards at the UPS mailbox and also were able to have them forwarded to our US address.



Hey which location did you open. How much did they charge? How much additional charger for fwd mail ?

For anyone else with PR card blues -
There was an issue with my mailing address when I landed so it was not recorded into the system until I called them up a month later and got a new address added. Until that point they were just holding my PR card and dispatched it once they got the address.

You can just land without providing an address and add it later once you settle down. However, they may not hold your card forever, so do contact CIC and check your situation.

Also if you’re doing only a soft landing and plan to come back later, there is another option that you can consider - walk or drive across the border (US -> CA) with your passport and COPR. A PR card is required only for boarding commercial transport (airplane/bus/rail). When you make the trip cross-border yourself, you’re dealing directly with Canadian immigration. They can verify your status with the COPR and let you through.

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Hi Karry,
We rented at the UPS location (2 Toronto, They have different tier based prices.
For ex: Personal box rental (3 months -115, 6 months- 176 etc).

They charge 5$ if you want them to check the mail. Forwarding mail depends on how fast you want to receive the mail ( Eg: If you want the mail in 2 days the charge is 38$ etc).



Hi @appy22, I am planning to go the same route of renting a UPS mailbox & setting a mail forward to my address in US. Would you kindly address these two question that I have regarding this process.

  • When did you rent the mailbox? During your initial landing by visiting the location (or) via online? If online, how?

  • Did the UPS store take care of adding commercial invoice (for customs purpose) when they forwarded mail to US address (or) did you had to do anything about it?

Your response is much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Tarzart,

  • We opened the mailbox around June this year. Everything was completed over phone/email.So we called the location #( From their website) and they provided us with information about different options available for renting. Additionally, they emailed us all details related as well. Post that, we selected the best option suited and send our application form, CC information, our identity proof etc. Once emailed, they allocated the mail box number and emailed us the details back.

  • We did visit the location the day after we completed the landing procedure just to check the location.

  • So once we got the notification that our PR cards were mailed we contacted the location to check our mails (Waited for 2 weeks before calling them). They verified the documents we received and they provided us with the forwarding options. They charged us via CC and they took care of the rest.
    Please note that there are multiple cost tiers to get it forwarded to your US address. You just have to choose based on your preference. We chose the 2 day shipping which they had available.

Hope this helps!! Good Luck! We did some research around renting a mailbox and the address they provide. They did mention its a regular street address which is accepted everywhere. When we provided this address to the landing officer, she did ask if this was a rented number. They accepted the address with no further questions.



@appy22 Thank you for taking time in providing response with such great detail. Much appreciated!

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